6 December 2021

Discover the Breakthrough Innovation of Eslabondexx Color

The innovative Eslabondexx™ range becomes bigger. A breakthrough innovation has been developed by HSA laboratories, which has been officially presented to the USA market last July during Cosmoprof North America in Las Vegas.

Eslabondexx™ Color is a rich, full color formula, infused with the Eslabondexx™ Protection System, which contains a mix of amino acids with an anti-pollutant and anti-aging effect, such as phytoceramids to enhance the hair’s “barrier function” and strengthen the structure, soy isoflavones to stimulate cell turnover and keratin renewal, and N-acetyl cysteine to boost biological defenses against atmospheric agents.

During the coloring process, the color cream alone delivers these Eslabondexx™ active ingredients, which adhere to the hair and preserve its natural structure without interfering with the effectiveness of the coloring. It also prevents damage to the hair structure, protects the scalp, and defends hair against external agents thanks to its anti-pollutant substances. The results are extreme shine and luminosity, as well as hair that is up to twice as strong. Outstanding for its range of 61 beautiful, bright, unique colors, with faceted reflections, the results of Eslabondexx™ Color are guaranteed by the combination of innovative color technologies: Liquid Crystal Emulsion and Mix of Very Pure Pigments.

The Liquid Crystal Emulsion promotes better distribution of the hair colorant in the tint and their rapid, effective diffusion inside the hair. The result is an intense, lasting coloration and an extremely brilliant effect. Instead, the Very Pure Pigments are selected so as to extract only those that perform better and offer the highest degree of purity, thereby ensuring the stability of highlights. Moreover, thanks to the particular mode of pigment deposit, a three dimensional result is obtained, ensuring total coverage of white hair, while giving an extremely natural effect.

The synergy of these different technologies allows for strong, healthy, protected and far brighter hair. And for an oxygen-enhanced color effect, Eslabondexx™ Smooth Catalyst is an oxidant with a particularly creamy texture that works in synergy with Eslabondexx™ Color to guarantee  extraordinary brilliance and strong conditioning for superior protection.

Three innovative technologies protect hair and guarantee brilliant color & shine: only a color like this could be called Eslabondexx™!

For more info, visit www.eslabondexx.com


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