29 September 2021

Dazzling Top 15 KEVIN.MURPHY Looks from Vegas 2016!

KEVIN.MURPHY embraced his family and presented them with new projects and collections, in the fabulously floral Wynn hotel in Vegas, that are going to set the tone for classes and the new year with his SUPER.NATURAL Show.

SUPER.NATURAL embraced texture with an extra oomph and bling and we have the top looks of the runway for you to gawk at and inspire your next looks!

I always think more is more is more. The funny odd colors, and the bows with the sequins and the juxtapositions of combining that with a natural look. That makes it cool. Because if you had really girly hair with really girly curls it almost looks odd. Imagine the ruffles with big romantic curls… I like beaking away from that. When I put the Japanese curl in the front everyone was asking me what I was going to do with that. I wanted to give them something new that they don’t expect,” said Kevin Murphy.

It was a wonderful weekend to remember that closed with a poolside cocktail party for those who attended, celebrating the education and celebrate with the man himself. 2017 is an exciting year for KEVIN.MURPHY to continue its legacy as an environmentally conscious professional beauty company and you can see the inspiration in the gallery bellow!


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