22 May 2024

American Crew All-Stars gather in Miami for 2017 & New Master of Men’s Grooming on-line education!

American Crew’s elite International All-Stars educator team participated in a series of workshops where the brand’s 2017 men’s cutting/styling collection, ‘Americana’, was unveiled for the first time to the 46 international hair artists that arrived at American Crew’s Miami studio located in Wynwood.

In addition to first experiencing ‘Americana’, the All-Stars trained on creating the new looks under the guidance of Theri DeJoode, American Crew Global Technical Director and Paul Wilson, American Crew Global Artistic Director.

Then all attendees learned the finalized details of the brand new 2017 American Crew educational curriculum including the premiere of the much-anticipated online education platform Master of Men’s Grooming (MMG) – to be launched wordwide in 2017.

The Master of Men’s Grooming program will allow stylists to not only learn the 10 new Modern Classic haircuts that make up the foundation of American Crew education but also gain certification as an American Crew Master of Men’s Grooming Stylist on a fully digitized platform and at their own pace from any remote location.

MMG is an online education curriculum that focuses on our new Modern Classic haircuts,” says Mike Sharkey, Senior Education Manager at Revlon Professional Brands. “This is an interactive program where students will view the 10 Modern Classic Haircut videos, execute those haircuts and submit photos of their work for review and feedback directly from an American Crew Educator; this process will continue for all ten Modern Classic haircuts.

The Master of Men’s Grooming program will be launched globally the first quarter of 2017. The first pahse of the MMG on-line curriculum will be in English only, with translations happening at a later date.

The countries represented in the educators at the American Crew All-Star Retreat in Miami were: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, France & Benelux, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine & UK. Out of all of these countries US stylist & educator Mary Cassola was honored as All-Star Educator of the Year, and was invited onstage by American Crew founder David Raccuglia himself!

It’s a tremendous honor to have won the All-Star Educator of the Year Award,” says Mary Cassola. “It’s such an elite group of people, we work together so closely and it is so international. The driving force for me has been to be a part of this team but to have my peers recognize it is… WOW. David gave such a wonderful speech with the award – he’s the father of American Crew! We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him so you’re going to see that our education is sought out. There is no one doing what we do now.


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