1 October 2022

Radiant KEVIN.MURPHY Sold Out in Vegas and Presented the Brilliant SUPER.NATURAL!

Hair is fashion, and fashion is cyclical to the point where reinvention becomes and art of its own. KEVIN.MURPHY is a man and a brand that in in the midst of runways, hopping and trotting around the world with the ability to see and understand the landscape of hair within the world of glamour.

He embraced his family and presented them with new projects and collections, in the fabulously floral Wynn hotel in Vegas, that are going to set the tone for classes and the new year with his SUPER.NATURAL Collection which embraces texture with an extra oomph and bling!

I always think more is more is more. The funny odd colors, and the bows with the sequins and the juxtapositions of combining that with a natural look. That makes it cool. Because if you had really girly hair with really girly curls it almost looks odd. Imagine the ruffles with big romantic curls… I like beaking away from that. When I put the Japanese curl in the front everyone was asking me what I was going to do with that. I wanted to give them something new that they don’t expect,” said Kevin Murphy.

Sunday was a catwalk day, where he showed the 1,100 KEVIN.MURPHY-obsessed crowd his most gorgeous and playful looks that defined the content of the breakout courses that took place on Monday. It is all about inspiration on day one, created by his Global Artistic Team composed of internationally renowned hairdressers that specialize in one of cut, color, or style. On day two, the audience got a chance to recreate the looks themselves with the assistance of the masters that colored the runway only hours before. 

Embellishments, stick-ons, bindi, elastic, sexy bondage tape, figure eight on an iron for the beach wave were some of the odd surprises that were paired with Emily Ward’s vivid styling which left the audience breathless at the finished look embodying the swag of a Gucci Girl who simply loves textured hair.

Right now, its sequins during the day and flats at night, with natural texture and bling in the daytime,” says Kevin. “Like a 50s though 70s vision with a 90s feel. We started talking about the concept of the show in January, then again in June, it takes a long time, especially to pull in the graphics, the photoshoots. I love a bit of natural texture, which is not necessarily easy but comes down to the product choices.

To truly know the brand KEVIN.MURPHY one must first understand the vision and intention behind he creation of his products and collection, which he narrated to the crowd. In his story, he spoke of playing around with body lotion, skin serums and eyeshadows to create the looks that lead to his groundbreaking products, and he has broken into a new market with the same underlying principle of now weighing down the natural texture of the hair.

I started inventing because there was nothing like what I needed at the time,” says Kevin Murphy while seeking of his journey. “Around 1994, the look that I wanted didn’t fit in with the heavy and flat products that were weighting down the hair so I started experimenting with skincare and adding serums to hairspray so the hair would be thicker with ought losing the height. In Melbourne, I started mixing products in my salon and then I decided that it was time to get organized.

An incredibly memorable part of the event was Tony Ricci’s wonderful presence, who walked onto the stage with a screwdriver, a model and a playfully avant-garde look which set the stage for his class HAIR.ART. He took leftover extensions, colored and cut to create a wily elegant pastel look.

And women were not the only ones getting attention these days. Previously, KEVIN.MURPHY used male models and styling products for men in his campaign, but he wanted the products to reflect the many lifestyles of men, sine they simply are who they are, and do not change their styling products as often as women do. These include, THICK.AGAIN, SUPER.GOO, EASY.RIDER, NIGHT.RIDER, ROUGH.RIDER and UN.DRESSED.

K.Men is so the name sort of spoke to the guy that would use it,” said Kevin when presenting the looks for the products.

In terms of color, the most is COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY introducing new FREESTYLE.LIGHTENER, a clay-based lightener formulated for freehand applications to provide maximum control with no bleeding. FREESTYLE.LIGHTENER features a specially designed Colour Palette and a Precision Colour Brush, allowing colourists to easily paint on colour for natural, sun-kissed highlights, ideal for freehand techniques which were addressed in the breakout sessions for salons to take back to their stylists. Also for blondes is SHIMMER.ME.BLONDE, a translucent version of SHIMMER.SHINE with an iridescent glow that is meant to lighten the hair on the spot with a glow.

It was a wonderful weekend to remember that closed with a poolside cocktail party for those who attended, celebrating the education and celebrate with the man himself. 2017 is an exciting year for KEVIN.MURPHY to continue its legacy as an environmentally conscious professional beauty company.

By Alejandra Acuña


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