19 May 2024

NEW Power Couple! Tracey Hughes & ReGenesis by RevitaLash launch Collaboration

RevitaLash Cosmetics is a leader in eyelash technology invented by Dr. Brinkenhoff for his late wife Gayle, who suffered breast cancer and saw her once beautiful eyelashes become dull, brittle and damaged through chemotherapy. He found the solution and RevitaLash Cosmetics was born.

Now RevitaLash Cosmetics is applying Dr. Brinkenhoff’s invention to haircare, and have golden Aussie and internationally renowned educator and hairstylist Tracey Hughes as a catalyst to help educate the industry on their groundbreaking technology. The inventors of RevitaLash Cosmetics created the ReGenesis Hair Enhancing System, set out to defend hair from aging, breakage and brittleness with its formulations, including the exclusive BioPeptin Complex® ingredient found in the renowned RevitaLash Cosmetics eyelash and eyebrow conditioning products.

Tracey is owner and master educator of Tracey Hughes Education, but her appointment as the Global Creative Director for RevitaLash Cosmetics is going to be involved in many aspects of the company like education, as well as the new campaign, ReGenesis Hair Enhancing Collection. The campaign is focusing on cutting edge haircuts and styles that help transform the look of thinning, fine hair for all ages with a wink of edge.

We sat down with Tracey to learn more on her involvement with ReGenesis, and why she chose specifically this brand, to work with. For a look at the collection, click through the images below!

Which is why I think it is so exciting that you are stating this collaboration with ReGenesis by RevitaLash Cosmetics, tell me a bit about that.
They approached me and we had some initial conversations where instantly, it felt like it was a good fit for me straightaway. What I love about the company the most is that it is built out of love and integrity. The story about how RevitaLash Cosmetics was founded is amazing. Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff is the most beautiful man that you’ll ever meet. I work with him on a regular basis, he’s the founder and he is still very active in the business. I do see RevitaLash Cosmetics as the leader in the lash category, they were the first and the premium luxury end of the category and they are now using that technology in ReGenesis, and it’s a fabulous haircare range especially for fine and thinning hair, but apart from being anti-aging it is anti-damage and anti-breaking. It is great for any head of hair because it strengthens the inside so much and gives the appearance of fuller hair as well so for me it was about the sorry. There’s good people I the company who have great vision and are all about natural beauty. My philosophy is transformation through education and it’s tying those two concepts and combine it with natural beauty, they synergize well together so that’s why I like this company the most.

You are the new Global Creative Director. What exactly does that entail?
With the title of global creative director, it actually encompasses a lot of aspects in this role. It is predominantly education, so I am designing an education portfolio for the brand, and we are going to roll out a lot of education programs across the states as well as internationally. I am the one with the vision of what type of programs we are going to develop, I’m designing the programs, I’m writing the programs, and our strategy is to try and get a few large trade shows next year, since that will give us the most brand exposure, its larger audiences, and of course, they can join us in classes and programs that ae a little more intimate and get the quality of the  education as well.

AND you still have Tracey Hughes Education?!
So we’re actually co-branding. I still have my own brand, Tracey Hughes Education, and we are rebranding my programs with ReGenesis by RevitaLash Cosmetics. The education is core of what we will be doing, but in addition to that I will be the spokesperson. I am the spokesperson out to the industry can find out a little bit more about what the company represents, I’m also the spokesperson to the media, and out to the consumer.”

What do you do for the consumer?
We also have retail outlets where we obviously sell a lot of products as well so I am going to be involved in VIP events out to the consumer and speaking events.

How about the creative direction of this new campaign launch, what mood or style did you lean towards?
I am involved a bit on the branding side and the marketing side as well. I just shot their new campaign, so we’ve just produced 15 new beautiful images that actually tells the story of ageless beauty so we’ve got younger models, ranging to more mature models. So we’re covering the demographic of women and men through the ages, so we want to show that beauty is something you find in all ethnicities, all races, regardless of religion, politics, and it’s  just about what beauty you have and bringing that out even further. By producing that imagery, it gives us that modern feel for the look of the brand while displaying that concept of beauty reborn. We also did some video assets, so we just did a big production when we shot the campaign. I’m going to be producing a lot of education tutorials as well, product knowledge, so yeah, I guess my role is quite big in many ways and I can bring the technical expertise with the creativity, but I also am a business owner for salons for over 20 years, so I bring the business element to it as well. Connecting with may stylists around the world, I know what challenges they go through, I have gone through them myself.

Thinning hair is an uncomfortable subject when it comes to salons and their stylists, tell me about the cutting style that you are using to minimize the look and feel of thinning hair.
My background is very much that I am a precision haircutter, so I believe in mastering the arts of technique to make a difference in fine hair. So when you have structure a haircut can sit beautifully. So that’s one of the things that we are also targeting, the vision of what type of shapes are going to work specifically for thin hair. So whether it is length, or mid-length or shorter, our campaign actually reaffirms the differences in skin tones, hair textures and colors as well. That way we can address the problem, whether you have long or curly hair, or blonde, brunette, or gray hair, and obviously by using ReGenesis, it’s going to give the appearance of thicker fuller hair. I think it is important for empowering stylists to have the confidence and know how to have those conversations. We will even be having a consultation program and putting it into a step-by-step procedure will let them know how to ask the right questions to their clients so their clients can get comfortable. You build the trust if you have a product that performs, and combining that with the right results.

Tell me a bit about your aesthetic and why you think it complements the brand.
I think it’s really important to get that balance between being creative and still being wearable ad we do see a lot of creativity within our industry but we got to think, does that translate back into a salon environment, and the reality is a consumer is going to wear these looks, so my objective is to keep hair as beautiful and as natural and as classic as possible, but push it to the edge, give it a twist, make it still cool. I like to stay within the trends but give it a wearable element to it. Make people think, oh, that’s interesting.

It’s exciting to see a powerful woman at the creative and decision-making level within a company! You are one of the emerging women taking back the beauty industry!
Yeah, I am actually doing some motivational speaking to other women in business. I have a personal goal to try and empower women, to find the confidence that it takes to find the path of opening your own business and being a leader in whatever industry they are in, so this helps us spread the message that beauty begins on the inside, we’re here to enhance the outside as well. And that is also part of my role.

To learn more about ReGenesis by RevitaLash Cosmetics, pay a visit to their website here!


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