27 May 2022

Future Beauty: Personalization Blurs the Line between Science and Beauty

Clients want hairdressers to solve their hair problems, which is why they ask for appointments, a special moment with an expert who will analyze and utilize their expertise to keep them looking their very best.

The number one beauty priority for women is hair, because, let’s face it, hair requires care and upkeep to maintain a flawless mane. Yet women spend 5 times more on skin care products than they do on hair care products.

The skin care industry has pioneered the use of technology and science to analyze a client’s personal needs – something the hair care world has yet to unlock. Science has been seeping into the service industry and, from iPhones to databases to networks, some form of technology and innovation is essential to running a business in beauty. Salons need to stay up to date with the innovation that is taking place at a technological as well as on a molecular level for the services and our clients to be flawless – because the result has to be a beauty transformation that you and your clients can visibly see. The only way to achieve this is by personalizing the solution that we have available for each client that walks through the door.

But beautiful skin not only require good genes; it also requires an amazing dermatologist or expert to diagnose a personalized skincare regimen. When it comes to hair, hairstylists, colorists, and beauty professionals, these are the fountains of wisdom that clients visit for their hair appointments, but what has been missing from the equation is an in-depth personal consultation, where you get to know exposure to the sun, family history, coloring frequency, and most importantly, what is being done to maintain the professionalism of the salon between visits. It is the most vital part of the visit – a personalized haircare regimen that will maintain a unique healthy hair lifestyle.

Until now, salon clients could not find a hair care solution that was as personalized and transformational as their skin care regimen. But the hair world is quickly shifting to include this diagnostic step where the stylist sits down with their clients, and asks about the life of their hair. “People should treat their hair and scalp care in the same systematic way they approach skincare, taking care to cleanse but not to over-cleanse, then moisturizing without adding excess oils,” says Dr. Grimalt, dermatologist and published author of various books and studies focusing on the intersection of science, hair and beauty. “Most important is to use the correct product system for your specific hair care needs prescribed by your stylist.”

Clients will collect experiences, and associate a beauty regimen that the professional recommends as an essential factor of the consultation, which serves to stimulate inner-health as well as the outer health. Of course, that means that you need to find the products and the formula that is truly going to solve the problems that your client’s hair seems to be facing. Services and tailored products need to address individual client needs and desires, almost on a genetic level.

For the transition to take place on a personalized level, we need innovation that has the power to transform the way in which we approach beauty. Scientific discoveries have changed the way we experience beauty and continue to expand the realm of possibilities, leading to exceptional and tangible results. So, what drives women to pay more for a regimen of premium skin care products? Advanced technology that can provide transformational results through a personalized solutions and a truly exclusive and luxurious experience, and now we need to start thinking of beauty pros as beauty doctors, with the power to heal from the wildest frizz to the flattest thinning hair.

The future of beauty and the growth in our salons is based on personalization and customized solutions. A scientific breakthrough will allow our
industry to truly understand the specific and unique personal needs of the clients that visit our salons.

Salons need to stay up to date with the molecular & technological innovations for services to stay current.


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