30 November 2022

Elegance meets Performance: Elchim introduces the Milano Ceramic Dryer

A tribute to the world capital of fashion and design, the Milano Ceramic Dryer by Elchim features a classic size with minimal-chic design.

The result of an advanced research study done on airflow dynamic, the Milano Ceramic Dryer has been proven to provide more heat and pressure than a traditional dryer, and can tackle all hair types – even those prone to the most amount of frizz! The slim handle and ergonomic design makes this the perfect tool for both in salon and at home styling.

Delivering results equivalent to a 2.100 W power dryer, the Milano Ceramic Dryer is one of the most powerful dryers in its category, which is appreciated by professional stylists worldwide. But with the Ceramic technology that produces far-infrared heat, which heats hair from the inside out, there’s no concern about hair becoming dry from over-processing.

In the professional appliance market, I want integrity and honesty to drive the Elchim brand of products,” Elchim Co-Director Luca Sabbatini states. “Our products should stand alone encompassing the newest technology, style and creativity. Every component is full of love because I know every single hand that worked on them here in Italy.”

The Elchim Milano Ceramic Dryer can be found at retailers, such as ULTA beauty, and professional salons worldwide for $159.00. All Elchim products are made in Italy.

For more information on Elchim, visit www.elchim.com


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