19 July 2024

New Keune Bond Fusion repairs and builds bonds – with benefits!

For color without compromise, Keune Bond Fusion protects, restores and maintains stronger bonds and prevents breakage, while continuously treating and conditioning chemically processed hair.

Keune Haircosmetics North America introduces Bond Fusion, a three-phase bond-building system that restores, builds and protects bonds, as it continuously treats and conditions chemically damaged hair to keep it strong, shiny and healthy.

As a result, the hair comes out of the color treatment strong, with its integrity intact, and in the best condition possible. In addition, Bond Fusion helps to preserve the hair during perming and straightening services, and can even be used on its own as a damage-repairing treatment. Stylists can now achieve maximum bond restoration—with multiple benefits and no reformulating or extra processing time.

Here’s how it works: The most popular salon services like hair color and texturizing treatments break down disulfide bonds, which are essential for strong, resilient, healthy hair. Bond Fusion repairs and rebuilds broken bonds, and even creates new ones, as it protects the inner structure of each strand, restoring and maintaining the hair’s integrity.


• Phase 1: Build in the salon. Keune Bond Builder repairs broken bonds, creates new bonds and protects the inner structure of the hair with Keune’s exclusive Protein Fusion System. Two types of hair-identical proteins rebuild and strengthen, while reducing breakage and restoring elasticity, resulting in stronger, more flexible and better-conditioned hair. Simply add Bond Builder to your color or lifting mixture as directed—it’s that easy.

• Phase 2: Enhance in the salon. Keune Bond Enhancer is a deeply nourishing and restorative treatment that strengthens and seals the bonds in each individual strand to ensure that hair stays in the best condition for as long as possible. After rinsing the color, apply Bond Enhancer from roots to end, leave in for at least 5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

• Phase 3: Recharge at home. This nourishing maintenance product for use by clients for just a few minutes every five days at home prolongs the continuous results of the Bond Fusion salon treatment.

Bond Fusion requires no special reformulating or extra processing time. It works beautifully with Keune’s permanent hair color lines and lifting products., as well as with any other color brand. Bond Fusion is free of sulfates and parabens.

The science behind the results

Hair treated with Bond Fusion is incredibly well-conditioned. Shampoo after shampoo, the conditioning levels are significantly higher compared to hair treated with another popular bond builder. The long-lasting conditioning effect resulting from just one Bond Fusion treatment indicates that the hair’s combability, its softness and smoothness remain comparable after five shampoos.
And the effect lasts: After five consecutive shampoos, Bond Fusion-treated hair still shows higher levels of conditioning compared to the hair treated with the other bond builder after its first shampoo.

After a lightening process and 1,000 comb strokes, hair treated with Bond Fusion experienced 43% less hair breakage and was twice as easy to comb through as lightened hair not treated with the Bond Fusion system. From a visual standpoint, the hair is healthy-looking, soft and conditioned.

After using Bond Fusion, the hair feels brand new and finishes beautifully. It’s shiny, with natural bounce and no buildup. What’s more, when clients use Recharge at home, their hair gets better over time and the results last longer,” says George Alderete, Keune North America Creative Ambassador.

Note: Each claim in support of Bond Fusion is based on the average results of three independent lab tests, performed following standardized, reproducible and documented procedures, developed by Keune’s Research & Innovation department.

For more information, visit keune.com/na


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