21 July 2024

Enter the World of Shako by S&M – Shay Dempsey & Michael Polsinelli

The idea behind the ‘Shako’ project is an evolution from S&M first project called Black Armor. There was one design in particular called “Flare” that stood out and they felt it needed a family of its own. It was also the only piece that wasn’t made of hair but instead constructed out of wooden skewers.

Shay Dempsey & Michael Polsinelli (S&M) were inspired by linear movement that exposes positive and negative space. The shapes themselves are inspired by many different elements; Native American headdresses and nature itself, to name a few. S&M invented one dimensional blue prints on paper for each design but knowing each shape had to be constructed in 3D when assembled. This was a challenge because they were learning as they moved forward.

Each wooden skewer is cut and detailed with points on the ends to create a unique end result. Once measured and cut, the skewers are painted black and ready to be glued to the braided hair. The long braided hair is the support and backbone that holds the design in place. Each piece of hair art in ‘Shako’ is unique in its own detailed way.

Click here to learn more about Shay & Michael own personal creative brand S&M!


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