29 May 2023

Estetica Exclusive! Wella’s Stephen Moody talks Cut Craft, Luring Clients & the Future of Fashion

The big dogs of the beauty industry have been around for generations, and have witnessed a shifting landscape for hairdressers of all kinds. Wella Professionals is one of these major beauty veterans, and has noticed a big problem in the business… professionals are losing clients.

A brand of this magnitude has access to insurmountable data which, when studied and analyzed through time, can tell a lot about the state of the professional beauty industry. Stephen Moody is Wella Professional’s Global Education Academy Dean who saw that the industry is in trouble, and took it into his hands to design the solution as to why hairdressers worldwide are losing clients, and educating through Cut Craft and Triple Craft courses to change the way we view our client’s overall look.

When I started in the industry, clients came every four weeks, not every four months,” says Stephen. “So the idea here is to empower hairstylists to take back the clients. So every client, every time, gets a cut, color, finish, otc sales and the next appointment but the idea is to empower our customers to be financially and creatively successful.

According to the data gathered, if a client walks out with a fantastic haircut and is super happy, nobody was rude, and the music wasn’t too loud, and everything was perfect, there’s only a 64% chance that she is going to come back. That means there’s a 36% chance she may try another salon or stylists. “If we take the same person, under the same theoretical scenario, and she’s super happy but now we layer dimensional color, then the color and the cut work together with her skin, eyes, suitability, and lifestyle… and the 64% is now 83%,” says Stephen. “Plus, the average ticket is now bigger; now includes cut and color. And if we make the next appointment before she leaves, and sell her over the counter products to her retain the color and styling… that whole scenario goes from 83% to 91% probability of the customer coming back.”

Cut Craft takes a holistic approach bringing together a masterfully executed cut to showcase beautiful color and the customization of EIMI styling products, which will help artists elevate their craft by discovering how to create infinite possibilities for their clientele and showcase their artistry.

The idea was that we approach cutting as a proprietary Wella cutting program, but it was important to us that it wasn’t just about the cut, it had to connect to styling hair, and one that wasn’t cookie cutter,” he explains. “Not, ‘Here is how to do this haircut… now put that on everybody’s head.’ It is really a methodology and a language that allows people to really understand how to cut hair and apply that from school-level, to entry-level, right all the way through to the latest and edgy looks.

The idea here is to empower hairstylists to take back the clients. At the moment, hair is long, boring, the cell phone so important and tying the hair up in a bun is important,” says Stephen about fashion at the moment. “But that’s changing, because the young people now think long hair is boring and for older people.

Shaping the future of advanced education is an evolutionary process, but with courses such as these, it is not a secret that Wella Studio teams are having a profound impact on hairdressers throughout the world! Stephen has traveled everywhere, educating colorists on the art of consultation and cut, changing the way we see beauty according to the client’s life.

This Wella Education exclusive program will take you up close and personal with their cutting mentors: Global Education Academy Dean, Stephen Moody and Studio Artistic Manager, Diego Raviglione. Here they will ground you in the Wella Professionals’ philosophy of cutting using technique and shapes as their foundation to design limitless looks. Upon credentialing you will be an exclusive member of the Cut Craft education team! Speak to your Field Education Business Manager now to see how you can make this your next career success story!

Click here to take a look at the Cut Craft video! And register at wellainteractive.com or call Studio Concierge to check for availability at 1-800-422-2336


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