2 December 2022

Estetica Master Parade: 20 Iconic Looks by Klaus Peter Ochs – A Retrospective

Creative genius, do-no-wrong, businessman, top-stylist, and President of Intercoiffure Mondial, Klaus Peter Ochs is a visionary and trendsetter. His hair fashion collections evoke versatility, curiosity, and research.

A love of contrasts. The aesthetics of Klaus Peter Ochs expand in several directions. On one hand they demonstrate a fixation for order: geometric cuts, intense colours, sculpted volumes are important. On the other, he is free to create vibrant hair looks that apparently heed no rules, from ethereal volumes to freely moving strands. Two completely opposite directions that in some cases Klaus Peter Ochs has also used to create a dialogues in the same look.

To complete his artistic personality there is also an overwhelming imaginary fantasy, with which Ochs creates elaborate hairstyles worthy of fairy tales. The classic elements are exploited and amplified to the point of acquiring a new sense of modernity.

Enjoy our gallery made of 20 of the best looks by German Master Klaus Peter Ochs!


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