3 March 2024

Video Alert! How to Cut a Round Textured Bob with Ruth Roche

Ruth Roche, Global Artistic Ambassador for Pureology Serious Colour Care, has a fun approach to cutting a bob with a beautiful rounded shape and lots of texture and soft layers. Learn HOW TO!

The sectioning is very important in this cut, and different cutting techniques are used which results in a very soft rounded silhouette,” says Roche. “You can get really beautiful texture when you cut the texture in first and then approach the perimeter.”

Tips for Cutting a Round Textured Bob

– Spray Pureology Color Fanatic throughout hair as a cutting lotion.
Section 1: Fringe (section is slightly narrower towards the crown than the front). The fringe is shortest in the center (about an inch wide) and gradually gets longer as it connects to the sides. Always cut fringe where it naturally falls and cut a blunt line when trying to build strength into the hair. Fingers are almost vertical when cutting the fringe on the sides.
Section 2: Circle at Crown (section is centered at the crown). Twist small circular sections inside the main circle, pull straight up and cut short to long with shears slightly open, working from 4”-7” in length. The head is round in that area so this technique creates an even distribution of layers spilling over the surface in many different lengths. It doesn’t look very layered at the crown, but it creates really nice volume.
Section 3: The Rest – The model’s hair was very straight, so a razor was used to create a slight bend in the hair for more roundness. Alternating combing straight out and cutting and then starting shorter and working towards the length creates a lot of different lengths and airy volume.  The perimeter was refined by surfacing cutting with a razor to add texture and a slight bevel, and then the tip was used to remove length.
– Dry with a blow dryer, round thermal brush and the Pureology Fullfyl line – a three-step system that makes hair look and feel thicker.
– Freehand the shape by pinching small sections and slide cutting to finesse.


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