4 December 2021

Straighten with Infrared! Introducing the Aria Beauty’s Luxury Ionic Straightening Brush

Beach wavy hair during those summer brunches is a great accessory to have. But what about those girls who wants a more high-end ‘do? Introducing the Aria Beauty Luxury Ionic Straightening Brush!

This brush takes hair straightening to the next level with the help of science, and no we don’t mean serums, lotions and formulas but we’ll get into all that later.

There is a brush that is changing the industry and revolutionizing social media. The Aria Beauty Luxury Ionic Straightening Brush is the coolest professional tool on the market and the reason is science! With this tool, you can transform hair to silky smooth perfection while maintaining volume. By utilizing gentle infrared technology, the brush protects and nourishes hair while simultaneously removing frizz and static.

The Aria Beauty Luxury Ionic Straightening Brush works with hair at such a deep level that it actually interacts with its ionic make up. This fully adjustable hot brush heats up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Yes, you read correctly, 450 – BUT the bristles have silicone tips that allow you to gently touch the scalp to soothe those baby hairs that seem to be extra prone to humidity, and every girl’s nightmare, FRIZZ!

Aria Beauty is changing the styling tool status quo by combining far-infrared technology with the beauty industry’s most luxurious gift-box packaging. More and more, we are seeing a massive effect on social media of hairdressers and clients because of its innovative technology.

How to use:
– Completely brush out hair prior to starting. Separate clean dry hair into sections. Never use on wet hair.
– Take small section and place brush at the top of the section close to roots
– Hold hair a few inches below the brush firmly and brush down from root to ends, letting go of ends before the brush gets too close to ensure fingers don’t touch the brush
– Repeat these steps section by section until completed
TIP: You can hold the brush on the top of the section as you would brush your hair normally, or you can position the brush underneath the section and straighten hair from underneath to create more volume at the roots!

We aren’t kidding when we say this is the perfect ritual for low maintenance gals. Imagine being able to have a beautiful, healthy looking and shiny head of hair in less than five minutes! After working from the bottom of the sections from root to tip feel free to pass the brush over the top of the hair before you head out.

For a better look on how the brush works, take a look at an instructional video here!


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