28 May 2022

Learn HOW TO: Karen Cunningham’s 3 Boho Chic Looks Step-by-Step

Using the natural texture of the hair is something doable by everyone, but these artistic sculptures of hair are softened by the length of these beautiful looks by KMS California’s National Artist Karen Cunningham for KMS California. Learn HOW TO recreate the 3 looks!

With slight crimps, curls and fly-aways, these moving sculptures are the epitome of the bohemian fashionista with a touch of ancient goddess

Banded Look
For this look, Karen wanted to create a fun and fresh style with a boho chic feel. She used bubble shapes for the top and front of the head.

1. Apply KMS California HAIRPLAY sea salt spray to give texture.
2. Next, secure hair in approximately nine to ten ponytails, directed at the top of the head.
3. Then, take each ponytail and band it about four to five times with elastic down each strand.
4. Next, in between each elastic band, pull the hair to create bubbles, intertwining the bubbles to create height.
5. To finish the look, distress hair with fingers to create a more lived-in look.

Boho Top Knot
For this look, Karen utilized texture and put a new spin on a trendy topknot, incorporating some braids.

1. First, set hair with a 1-inch marcel using KMS California FREESHAPE 2-in-1 styling + finishing spray. Alternate rows up and down, right to left when sectioning hair.
2. Next, take down the set and relax with a flat iron in random areas.
3. Then, take a halo section at the top of the head and dutch braid the sides of that section to the center back.
4. The top was then knotted, secured and pulled out for a natural look.

Boho Goddess
Karen’s expertise in multi-textural hair that holds volume allows this look to appear bohemian. She created straight crimpy and curled pieces to create an undone look. (*The hair used was recycled using the set from previous looks.)

1. First, start with alternating rows, rolled up and down using a 1-inch marcel.
2. Then, with the rick rack technique, take random pieces around the head using a large hair pin. Spray each section with KMS California FREESHAPE hot flex spray and set it with a flat iron. Do this to the interior and the exterior, until you have put in your desired amount.  
3. Finally, release the rick-rack set and us a flat iron with KMS California HAIRPLAY dry touch up spray and iron random pieces until they are relaxed, free spirited, creating that natural boho look.

  • Credits
  • Hair: Karen Cunningham
    Styling: Karen Cunningham
  • Makeup: Megan Wrigley
    Photographer: Andrea Urbanati
    Model: Hanna Deamphlie


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