28 May 2022

Tony Rizzo & Estetica Master Parade: Italian Fashion Inspiration

On October 23rd 2016, Tony Rizzo will be one of the greats to walk the stage of Estetica Master Parade in Milan. We met him to chat about the celebration of Estetica, Milan, and his rapport with fashion.

In anticipation of the Estetica Master Parade next October 23rd in Milan, we asked Tony Rizzo to tell about his relationship with the city of Milan, Italian fashion, and with Estetica.

What is your relationship with Milan and Italian fashion shows?
Milan is capable of producing high quality fashion and inspiring the whole world. Italian fashion has always been on the forefront and for more than 35 years has been a source of inspiration for my work. Hairdressers are stimulated by creativity and by the artistic aspect of fashion… in Sanrizz we use the Anglo-Saxon techniques to create hair looks influenced by trends, but that are also wearable.

Who is your favourite fashion designer?
My favorite Italian designer is Prada… the epitome of luxury design.

A memory of Estetica and its first 70 years?
The word Estetica brings to mind the image of an article where every hairdresser would like to be published. I was very lucky to meet the Pissimiglia family, interested in the widespread publication not only the works by renowned stylists, but also emerging ones. Seeing a photograph published in Estetica makes you understand that the work is truly yours. When Estetica published my first cover shot, I was truly very proud and honored. Estetica is “the Vogue” of the world of hairdressing and I hope that it will continue to be the Number One magazine dedicated to hair for a long time to come.

Tony Rizzo will be one of the 6 top hairstylists featured on the runway of Estetica Master Parade. This unique event focuses on the creativity, technical abilities, and innovation of 6 top international master stylists. Each hairstylist has selected a mega-trend to be interpreted according to the 6 identified in the Artbook “The Ultimate Collection” by Estetica:  Blonde, Bob, Updo, Fringe, Volume, Geometric.


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