6 December 2022

London’s Buzzing with Creativity… Are you Ready to Make Some NOISE?

Returning for the fifth year, Richard Ashforth’s NOISE will be back to create a buzz in central London on October 15th, and the amazing line-up has been announced. As always, the final details of the venue won’t be revealed until the day, all we can say is that Buckingham Palace is close by…

NOISE was created to share knowledge, passion and inspiration, connecting the viewer to the performer with more of a ‘pop up’ feel rather than a formally staged show, pushing the industry forward and taking creativity to a new level. The last minute announcements of artists and venue give the whole thing an ‘unexpected feel’, as much for the audience as for the artists!

The rules of NOISE are simple, says founder Richard Ashforth: “15 minutes of whatever the F*@k you want, as long as it includes some hair!

So let’s meet the teams…

Croatian team ZGAT are a cult – a hairdresser’s hairdresser! The work of Mario and Ivana exudes the technical precision and perfect execution some can only dream of achieving, with powerful balances and clean lines, always with a nod to the world of fashion. They thrive on creating individual shapes for individual people which is one of the reasons Zgat has become such a sought after name to those in the know!

TIM HARTLEY is, quite simply, one of the world’s greatest hairdressers. After a 30 year career at Vidal Sassoon culminating in his renowned role as International Creative Director, Tim left the corporate world to concentrate on his own stunning visions of hair design. For 40 years he’s been inspiring generations of young hairdressers with his passionate approach to hair, cutting edge aesthetic and technical expertise.

Founded in 2005, Spanish team X-PRESION is the first company worldwide dedicated exclusively to investigation and innovation in the artistic and educational fields of hairdressing. X-presion comes from a great wish to contribute something new to the world of hairdressing – a challenge that for these three artisans is a never-ending quest.

SACO are at the forefront of modern hairdressing. With an expansive, intelligent and varied approach to their work, Richard Ashforth and the International Creative Team continuously deliver cutting edge aesthetics within the vast variety of seasonal collections, editorial and show work they produce. Richard, the co-founder of SACO has had an illustrious career and worked with an incredible array of people from Peter Lindbergh to David Bailey, Norman Parkinson to David Sims and his work has graced the covers of Vogue, I.D. and Vanity Fair to name but a few.

MARK ANDERSON is the Int’l Creative Director and founder of the uncompromising community of like-minded creatives based in Denmark, CREADEMIC. He carefully selected the creative path for the team, to strengthen, educate and inspire hairdressers and stylists all over the world with the desire to provoke, inspire and educate the hairdressers’ imagination through creativity and craftsmanship. Creademic is a creative playground were their academic approach leads to limitless creativity, the team are visually driven, original, determined, influential, passionate, visionary and spontaneous.

JAGA HUPALO, an icon of Polish hairdressing is a hair artist, creator and Art Director of Warsaw studio BORN TO CREATE, as well as being the recipient of many international awards and titles. Jaga has collaborated with the National Opera, the National Centre of Art Zacheta, Centre for contemporary Art Warsaw (CSW), Barbican London and Intercoiffiure Paris. She is a passionate collaborator using her Borne to Create Studio to share and generate the amazing drive she has to develop new shapes, looks and concepts for the hairdressing profession.

TYLER JOHNSTON combines technique, street-based attitude and adventurous creativity in his immediately recognisable work. Flick through the pages of many of the world’s most feted international glossy magazines and you’ll come across his name, with private clients including David and Victoria Beckham, Charlotte Rampling, Cate Blanchett, Keira Knightley and Lilly Allen. Tyler’s expertise is in creating strong styles that fuse both the refined beauty of cutting-edge fashion editorial with the edginess of the contemporary scene beyond the catwalk or studio.

Don’t miss out on important updates, including the final details of the venue, by following NOISE on Facebook: www.facebook.com/noiseevent


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