23 May 2024

Intercoiffure Fall Atelier 2016: A Soirée of Art, Hair Innovation and Family

The Intercoiffure Fall Atelier was a bundle of love. Love for a community of peers, friends, an art form and a lot of emotion, as the past met with the present and future and on the first day of the Fall Atelier, showed everyone not only the tangible reasons for being a member, but also the intangible ones, like loyalty, trust, and a true camaraderie.

ESTETICA is reporting from the Big Apple with this visionary association in the hair trade industry. Intercoiffure America/Canada is an association of the beauty industry’s elite salons, estimating something more than 250 salon owners who altogether employ more than 27,500 employees! That means that this celebration is backed and attended by those whose average annual sales volume ranges from $1.5 million to $85 million!

This weekend marks the beginning of Intercoiffure North America Fall Atelier in New York City hosted in none other that the phenomenal Waldorf Astoria, truly the only location worthy of such a graceful event. The show this year begins with business seminars, and brand presentations that took place simultaneously all morning.

After lunch, the ICA Main Stage Presentations began, and they had a lineup of which highlighted the latest releases, launches and innovation to date.

Outstanding Artistry

Paul Mitchell’s Angus Mitchell, Robert Cromeans, Lucie Doughty, and Mary Cuomo parented Live Beautifully, followed by Oscar Blandi’s collection for Wella Professionals depicting city life, from urban chic, to high society all in one stage. Then James Pecis and Coby Alcantar from Oribe brought the haute Paris couture from last eek overseas and to the Waldorf’s stage, where they explained the concept of fashion, trends, and how anyone can get one-on-one education through Oribe’s Journey of Mastery.

Speaking of overseas, the UK paid a visit to ICA North America/Canada’s stage through the British Barber’s Association, who made their North American debut. Where the craftsman of British barbering was displayed by creative director Chris Foster, Richard Woods of BBA TV, and educational director Erik Lander.

The sweet treat was closed with beautiful Tracy Hughes onstage, announcing her move to the states and her newest appointment as the Global Creative Director with RevitaLash Cosmetics, and the revolutionary haircare collection ReGenesis Hair Enhancing System. As part of Tracey’s involvement with ReGenesis, she will be introduced a brand new image campaign, focusing on cutting edge haircuts and styles that help transform the look of thinning, fine hair, which was revealed for the fist time on Main Stage.

A Mesmerizing Night

Then the night got dipped in a Burning Dream with Wella Professionals’ Sonya Dove, a show she put together that completed this cycle of beauty and raw empowerment. Sonya’s concept is inspired from her personal journey at Burning Man, a mecca of giving and love, where anyone can connect through the art and performance, which is exactly what she served ICA for desert after the dinner.

With neon hula hoops, dancers, a singing beauty and invited guests whom she actually met at Burning Man, the show was the closest possible interpretation of what burning man and transported the whole gala to the desert, despite being held within the walls of the Waldorf. With props seen at the sandy encounter, and outfits designed by a creative spirit she met on her journey, the feeling was of true authenticity and love, at a time where the world needs it the most.

Today, the presentations will continue, so stay tuned for another gallery tomorrow with the likes of Ahn Co Tran and Johnny Ramirez’s new academy A.R.T. Academy Ramirez Tran, David Kingston with Artego, Ted Gibson and his Team, and many more surprises!

By Alejandra Acuña


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