27 November 2021

Video Alert! Vivienne Mackinder’s Six Faces of Fashion

Vivienne Mackinder has become an icon of the beauty industry helping her celebrity clients to start new chapters in their hair life, and in this video, you get to trace her steps and catch a glimpse of her magic in action.

Mackinder’s collections and imagery remain sought-after from editors both domestically and internationally. She has been a frequent contributor to the runway, working as key hairdresser behind the scenes with Vivienne Westwood, VH1, Vogue Fashion awards, showcasing the Oscar winning awards of Edith Head during Paris, London and New York fashion weeks.

In this video Vivienne takes us through a metamorphic journey of how women can wear their hair for different lifestyles.

1. Street style is a culture and way of life that allows women to express themselves in many arenas and asserting their strengths, perfect for the rocker girl.
2. Mackinder then addresses the minimalistic woman that knows when to stop and keeps her looking pure. It’s all about class and going back to the basics with a modern twist.
3. The bohemian woman is not afraid to mix styles and go for a grungy look.
4. Then we arrive to the couture woman, this woman is confident and likes to look and feel expensive.
5. The eclectic woman’s hair is a direct reflection of the styles she chooses often teasing parts of her hair and achieving a distorted look.
6. The classic woman exudes an air of old-world glamour marking the passage of time and remaining timeless.

Like what you see? With Vivienne’s educational platform, HairDesigner.TV, you can get skills remotely, and reference secrets of the trade from the icon herself. This is just a taste of the amazing educational videos that follow her step by step to twist, turn, braid and coiff your way into a skillset that might make you the next HAHA winner!

To make this even better, the first 15 days are free for you to look around and explore the amazing collections and how-tos that can guide you in your journey from anywhere in the world! For more info, and to register, check out this link!


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