11 December 2023

Is your Staff Feeling It? Seven Steps to Ultimate Staff Motivation with Millennium!

Staff motivation is an issue for many businesses, and the salon and spa industry is no stranger to this issue. In a client centric business, you must do your best as the business manager or owner to motivate your staff and provide a pleasant work environment.

Millennium Systems is a company that has access to raw data, but it is some seriously juicy data when it comes to hairdressers! In their blog, The Business Side of Beauty, they explain the positive outcomes that motivation can have in the salon environment. But what are the secrets for breaking into creating a stimulus for your team? Here, we share with you some juicy advise from Millennium Systems, which we think will help you become ambitious and excelling hairdressers, which mean a very good financial return!

But how exactly do you keep your employees happy? Here are 7 ways to help retain and motivate your staff.

1. Create a Motivational Environment/Culture
First thing is first, you must create a positive working environment. Make sure that your staff has a break room, where they can take a few minutes to destress. This should also be a place where employees are encouraged to share inspirational tips, advice, or strategies. Have a place where your staff can be creative and let their mind roam free. For example, Lululemon, an athletic clothing company, inspires their employees to read books and share insight by keeping a bookshelf filled with motivational books in their break room.
Place emphasis on your company’s culture. Do you stand for something great? Perhaps incorporate a charity into your salon or spa’s atmosphere, by giving points to clients who donate. Make this a part of your everyday theme.

2. Remember That Each Team Member is Unique
Remember that each individual in your team is a unique individual and should be treated as such. Every person has their own unique way of providing a service or dealing with an issue. Most employees will appreciate it if you get to know them on a deeper level and understand that you are there to assist them in their growth, should the need arise.

  • 3. Set Realistic Goals

  • It is important to set realistic goals that are attainable. Whether your goal is to be at 25% profit for the week or reach revenue of $800,000 this year, communicate your goals to the staff and help them reach it by offering the necessary support. Follow up with your staff to see where they are with sales for the week. Reward employees for each milestone reached for service or retail sales with a gift card.

4. Give Your Employees an Incentive
A great way to boost staff morale is to provide them with incentives. Large companies offer incentives such as profit sharing. For staff who are eligible for commissions on selling retail, offer a tiered payout system.
For example, if the staff member sells $1,000 in retail this month, they get a 10% commission, but if they reach the $3,000 threshold in retail sells, they are eligible for the higher, 15% commission structure. This bonus incentive should be paid out monthly, as the sum of all commissions will seem more substantial than weekly payouts. If you have a product that’s more profitable to sell, offer a higher commission structure for it to boost sales.
For the employees who have the highest rebooking rate, use your salon or spa software to shift them to the first available slot, so they get booked first when a new client requests a service. Millennium has the ability to perform this feature by going to the “Appointment” tab and selecting the technician you want to get booked first.
You may also want to think of your pay structure as part of providing your employees an incentive. What are the competitors paying their employees?

5. Train & Develop Your Staff
Providing regular opportunities to attend training and development classes to your staff allows your employees’ skills and techniques to expand, while building confidence. It may motivate them to set their own personal goals, and keep them more engaged in their work. A great way to offer training is to send some of your staff to a training seminar.
For example, certain hair product manufacturers regularly offer education programs with the intention of nurturing and developing talented individuals. If your business can afford to, promote several employees to educators of major product lines.
This will not only motivate your staff to take the lead, but also enhance the client experience at your salon or spa as your employees will be more educated about the products they recommend. However, if your business’ budget does not allow for such training courses, encourage your team to share their own ideas and strategies.
Part of developing your staff is to consciously coach them. They will often look to you for direction, so it’s your job to stay consistent and meet with them for weekly huddles. This time should be used to discuss if your staff is on track to meeting their monthly goals.

6. Make Them Feel Special & Reward Them
Every employee wants to feel important and like they add value to your business. In addition, making note of, and commenting on a job well done or giving a “thank you” even for the smallest tasks, go a long way. A great way to include your staff, while noting their accomplishments, is by including them in your client loyalty program. Perhaps, in addition to your client, you can award your staff a few points for each service they sell.
If it’s your employee’s birthday, celebrate with a $5 gift card to their favorite coffee shop, or even better, bring them their favorite coffee to work that day! If the employee has shown exceptional value, such as being the highest seller in facials, name them employee of the month and show your appreciation for their dedication by offering them a gift basket.

7. Create Healthy Competition
When managed effectively, competition can deliver great benefits to both the employees and business alike. Healthy competition can provide employees with a little extra motivation, which in turn, will lead the business to reach its objectives. A great way to execute a healthy competition is to come up with specific goals such as “boost your individual sales 10% this week over last week” and mark each employee who met the goal on a visible leaderboard. (Maybe add the leaderboard to the breakroom space!)
You will, however, have to be careful not to let competition have detrimental effect on the morale of some employees. Communicate your policies about the competition effectively and what’s acceptable. Remind your employees that such competition is friendly will help boost motivation at the salon or spa, and in the end is helping everyone reach their personal goals.

Motivating Employees Will Make a Difference
As a business owner or manager, it’s your job to motivate your employees. Give your staff incentives, make them feel special, and address any professional problems they may have. As your employees feel rewarded and cared for, you are also more likely to retain them. However, you don’t have to make all the changes at once.
Each quarter, set a list of objectives that you want completed and work on them. Remember, motivation, culture, and the ability to provide great service will be key to the success of your staff and business in 2016!


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