30 January 2023

Estetica Exclusive with Wella Studios Signature Artist Lynette Tatum

Lynette Tatum is pure energy. She walks into the Studio with her mandala tattoos and perfectly sculpted mane of fiery curls, carrying herself with the confidence that 20 years of hairdressing and education experience could only give you.

Lynette is a Wella Studio Signature Artist and travels around the world sharing her secrets with other stylists, literally embodying the #stylistsupportingstylists lifestyle. She was recently in Miami with Oliver Shortall teaching Inspiration Based Design Atelier, which took a unique perspective on how a hair cut is viewed as a whole, exploring the limitless possibilities with each shape. She told us about herself, her journey with Wella, and what life is like as a Wella Signature Artist!

What do you think has made Wella stand out from its competition?
Wella has been such an innovator in the industry for over 135 years. We have a reputation for the highest quality products, and setting hair trends but I think our dedication to best in class education is what draws stylists into our brand and keeps them there for the lifetime of their hairdressing careers.

What aspect of education is more appealing to you as a hairdresser now that you are at this professional level?
The more stricter and disciplined the methods defiantly make learning more appealing to me at this point in my career. I want to feel challenged and slightly nervous going into a training session. I want to walk away feeling I gained some new knowledge or has increased my skill sets.

When did you know that this was something you were good at?
I had a serious love for hair from a very early age, cutting my own hair for the first time (with my mom’s permission) at age 8. I had no idea what I was doing of course, but found I was fearless and quickly became addicted to changing my appearance. Our egos sometimes gets in the way of seeing our true talents and weaknesses. So I always thought I was a good hairdresser, but now I’m confident I AM a good hairdresser. That confidence has really skyrocketed over the last 10 years of being an educator.” 

What is your favorite courses/topicsto teach and why?
I love teaching long hair dressing and updo seminars and workshops. I was that stylist years ago that gave all my updos clients to my coworkers. So I know the struggle! We have 2 long hairdressing classes that I lead at the Wella World Studio NYC. ‘Standards of Long Hairdressing’ and ‘Bridal Hair’ are the classes I love to see on our calendar!

Educating and traveling is difficult, do you use a creative outlet to compensate the structure?
I do have a few creative oulets that keep me motivated, energized and creative. My favorite is drawing and painting with water color pencils. The medium is so cool to work with and I love the transition from pencil to paint. Not so easy for travel so I do like to journal and write poems as an outlet for my feelings.

What trends do you forecast for the coming season – in terms of color & cut?
Bespoke color is a huge movement right now that will carry over to next year. We will also see color contouring; creating something special and unique just for your client. Slightly more vibrant tones will come into play, which I’m excited to see after the last few years of pastels. In cutting we see the return of layering and shaggy shapes that will incorporate using your natural texture to create your style.

If you could have given yourself advice at the beginning of your career, what would it have been?
I wished I would have had a stronger knowledge of my craft from early on. I would have sought out more education from the beginning.

What is your favorite Wella product(s)?
My favorite product right now would be KP Innosense. I love the new technology of our ME+ dye molecules, but it’s the shade range in this color brand that I love so much I’ve been creating so many amazing tones over prelightened and natural hair with our new Mineral Collection shade range.

What is the most memorable moment in your teaching career to date?
There’s so many over the past 10 years, but the one that stands out the most was when I was chosen to represent the US for Wella Color at Hairworld in Paris show. I never dreamed I could be on a stage in front of thousands showing them my color skills! A definite highlight of my career.

Has working closely with the Wella Studios Signature Artists changed you as a hairdresser?
It has changed me tremendously. Being an educator in general pushes you beyond what you think you’re capable of. But working with the Signature Studio Team is amazing! We defiantly compete with other which keeps me on my toes to do more and do it to the best of my ability!

In three words, how would others define your personal technique/specialty?
Perfectly imperfect styling.

In terms of the future and longevity with the brand, what are your long-term goals with Wella?
Being with Wella for 10 years now I am at a transition point in my career with the company. I defiantly want to stay with the Studio Team here in NYC. I see myself moving into a curriculum or capability role and help the team behind the scenes with strategies, planning and execution of the seminars and workshops.


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