10 December 2023

Video Alert! How To: Men’s Haircutting – Detailing the Front Hairline and Behind the Ears

Everyone knows that finishing a men’s haircut is all in the details. If the front hairline and behind the ears are not cut properly, the haircut lacks longevity. Here’s a tip from David Boyd @ Sam Villa to prevent those areas from looking like they have grown out faster.

Heads are round and combs are flat, so when a comb is put up against the head the comb leaves the head near the front hairline, which results in extra length at the hairline. Over time, the client thinks that section has grown in faster, when in reality it was not cut short enough to begin with,” says Boyd.

Detailing the Front and Behind the Ears

Use a Sam Villa Artist Series Handle Comb to get control of the sections and a Sam Villa Signature Series 6.25” Wet Cutting Shear for meticulous cutting.

Front Hairline: Addressing the bevel of the head with a handle comb, pick up excess hair at the hairline by the eye. If it’s long enough collect into fingers by the temple area and if it’s short use a comb to isolate the section and scoop it forward and point cut those little bits of hair. The result is more longevity, softness and cleanliness around the front hairline.

Behind the Ear: Use the teeth of the comb to scoop hair behind the ear forward and trim it. Then switch the grip to underneath the hair and lightly, section by section, release that corner and texturize the area. This bevels the edge off to make it shorter and crisp, which will add longevity to the overall haircut.


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