27 January 2023

Leftie vs. Rightie… Do you know the Scissor difference? Vishal Baharani explains in just 5 Minutes!

Vishal Baharani has true skill. Whether it is the swift movement of his fingers or the speed in which his blades blurry into action, he has a style and manner of holding the scissor that is questioned and admired by many.

With so much curiosity and questions flying his way, he decided to share with us a video where, with a lot of expertise, he explains that he is left-handed, and that is why it “seems” he has a special technique for cutting, but it is the same technique that can be applied on either side… but only if you know the difference between a left-handed and right-handed shear.  He takes the time to compare and contrast the two, a foundation that is easy to forget on a day-to-day basis, but vital when sharpening your skill set.


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