2 February 2023

Inspiration Based Design @ Miami Wella Studio with Lynette Tatum & Oliver Shortall!

Estetica’s 70th anniversary was a fantastic one where we partnered up with The Wella Studios Signature Artistic Team in L.A. for an exclusive collection and cover shoot, which they are now using is the inspiration for the Inspiration Based Design Atelier, aimed to educate Wella stylists on the art of creative haircutting.

Signature Studio Artists Oliver Shortall and Lynette Tatum traveled to steamy Miami in a two day seminar that deconstructs the elements of foundation based creative haircutting, beginning with structuring foundation, working the detailing and ending with finessing the final design, which sprouts from their latest collection which was created exclusively for us!

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Inspiration Based Design takes a unique perspective on how we view the hair cut as a whole and explores the limitless possibilities with each shape. The artistry of the craft is exemplified in this seminar.

Led by the Wella Studios Artistic Director Diego Raviglione, this is the first collection exclusive to the Los Angeles team, comprised of Victoria Thurman Hall, Frank Andrade and Oliver Shortall. The Wella Studio Signature Artistic Team is completed by their New York counterparts, gurus in their own right, Lynette Tatum, Michele Catalanello, David Nieves and Robert Salim. The New York team will honor us with their own collection coming soon and will be another ESTETICA exclusive to inspire more future ateliers!

The Wella Studios continues to expand education with the addition of Wella Studio Ateliers across the country, and this one in Miami was a cutting sensation. After covering the fundamental bases with a more creative freedom than ‘Cut Craft,’ Wella’s new cutting methodology and 4-day Studio seminar which takes a holistic approach bringing together a masterfully executed cut to showcase beautiful color and the customization of EIMI styling products. Even the educators can vouch for the incredible education that Wella offers to advance your career!

After graduating from the Wella Master Color Expert program, I was approached about becoming a full time Studio Trainer,” says Oliver about his journey. “I took the position, and am now working as a Studio Signature Artist at The Studio LA.

Shaping the future of advanced education is an evolutionary process, but with collections such as these, it is not a secret that Wella Studio Teams are having a profound impact on hairdressers throughout the world!

Register at wellainteractive.com or call Studio Concierge to check for availability at 1-800-422-2336


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