20 August 2022

Video Alert! How to Use a Detailing Comb for Short Haircuts with Sam Villa

One of the final steps in finishing a short haircut is detailing the perimeter, and the key to doing that successfully is having the ability to control hair properly.  That’s where a Sam Villa Artist Series Detail Comb (available at SalonCentric, State Beauty Supply and RDA ProMart) comes in handy. 

Andrew Carruthers, Director of Education for Sam Villa, demonstrates how to use a detailing comb to create a strong graduation.

If a detailing comb is too flexible you loose control, and if it’s too ridged you can’t control your angles. This comb has a great balance of flexibility and firmness, so it allows you to get great graduation easily,” says Carruthers.

C Shape Technique
– Hold the edge of the Sam Villa Artist Series Detail Comb at the hairline
– Create pressure with thumb until the comb curves into a C shape
– Cut hair from bottom where it is really short, working up to the length guarded by the curvature of the comb

This C Shape Technique helps create a tailored look when working with short shapes, especially when leaving more length at the top,” he adds.  Another tip Carruthers recommends is using a dark comb on light hair and a light comb on darker hair, the color contrast allows for precision cutting.


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