30 November 2021

Only One Month Away! Eufora Global Connection 2016 Celebrates a Legacy

Don Bewley is a man that continues to live in the hearts, minds and hands of Eufora’s family despite the difficult loss of the brand’s owner and founder last year. Next month marks one year of the passing of this industry icon, and a beautiful moment is taking place on this date of remembrance.

Eufora’s Global Connection is the brand’s largest event held for its tribe and family and this year, will take place on October 16th and 17th. Amongst many events, shows, competitions and break-out classes, Don’s life work will be showcased for Eufora stylists from all over the world to remember and thank.  

We have to,” says Mirza Batanovic, Eufora’s Style Director. “He’s contributed so much to this industry that we want to honor him the right amount of gratitude. What he did in the past few years have been phenomenal and this is happening only two weeks before the anniversary of his passing, so we’re going to be doing that Sunday morning. I’m really excited for it, I can’t even tell you.”

Eufora listens to its stylists, and is keeping the show in tune with the trends that are taking over all of the social media platforms. With launches aimed at these colorful trends, stylists will be able to witness the launch of new innovations in color. With unicorns flying around salons everywhere, they had to create a product line where colorists can feel more like artists, with shades that can only boost business.

We are launching direct dye color called the Artisan Exchange, and we have a show planned for that which is going to be very artistic so I’m really excited to see what that team is capable of pulling together,” says Mirza. “It is going to show some techniques to better serve those vibrant colors while referencing inspiration from some cool art from actual artists.

Eufora is having four main stage presentations, presenting an amazing Japanese team that will be displaying an international segment. And aside from the beautifully colorful shows and on-stage presentations, there is also competition where skills are put to the test. Eufora’s creative director, Mr. Phillip Carrion, is also doing a show Sunday evening that is tied to the brand’s own competition, called Stylist of the Year Award.

You get to sit down and have a fancy dinner, and there’s going to be lots of entertainment,” said Mirza. “I can’t give away too much but you get the idea of what were going to be doing!

Now, Mirza is helping in the preparation for the event where he poetically found a family, and identifies Global Connection as the event where he knew Eufora was a special discovery in his life and much different from anything else on the market. With novelties and launches helping advance the company’s innovation and education, this is where the brand announces its hottest collections, trends and communicates with its younger generation about passing on the Eufora torch.

I always wanted to be an educator but I never sort of found my tribe,” said Mirza Batanovic about his journey with Eufora. “I heard about Global Connection and they were super excited about me going to the show that they invited me to sit front row and watch. Don came on stage and he opened the show in this sort of Italian-Irish manner that reminded me a lot of my father. He went on to speak about the passion for the industry, it just resonated with me on a very personal level and I just thought ‘that this is the company that I wanna work for.’ Him and I spoke a couple weeks later and I became an educator. Don just was a charismatic human being, and he genuinely loved the industry and wanted to give hairdressers everything that he was given from his mentors. I’m 30 years old and I’m loving this life, this culture.

Don Bewley will be present this weekend as he lives on through the soul of the company. He always believed that hairdressers built this industry and so, they deserve to reap the rewards. His vision was the foundation of which he built Eufora, which has become one of North America’s fastest growing professional companies.

As I traveled North America, I was overwhelmed by the many starving artists in our industry,” said Bewley. “I believe in the power and talent of my peers, and as a proud hairdresser myself, I know that greater success is possible through the right education and working with a committed manufacturer who is dedicated to more than just selling products.

If you are in the family, this is going to be a beautiful celebration for the patriarch of the brand’s past, an exciting anticipation for what is to come for the future of Eufora, and an educational platform where you can globally connect with peers.

For more information on Global Connection, or to register, please find more information here: www.euforaglobal.com

By Alejandra Acuña


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