30 January 2023

Don’t Miss Out: 3 Tips for Creating Volume in Fine Limp Hair

If the root of a hair follicle is a circle, straight hair grows, and if it is curved into a hook shape, natural curls grow. “You get what you get, but there are some tricks to coaxing curl resistant straighter hair to hold texture

…you just have to be crafty with products and technique because it always wants to revert back to straight,” says Meghan Hopkins, Artist with Pureology Serious Colour Care and stylist at Cobalt Blue Salon (Austin, TX).

3 Tips for Creating Volume in Fine Limp Hair

1. PRODUCT: Always spray a heat protect and/or hold product on each section before using a curling iron, flat iron, rollers or any other tool.  They are designed to lock in texture with heat and tension to ensure hold and protection… otherwise curls will fade. Apply Pureology Style + Care Infusion Smooth Perfection in wet hair for smooth straightness and Pureology Pure Volume Blow Dry Amplifier for major volume – both are heat protectants.

2. LIFT: Create volume at the roots by starting in the nape area and applying an iron (flat or curling) at roots to give lift for volume. Then, flat iron or coil hair around a curling iron from roots to the ends.  This creates more bend in the hair if curling it and a more consistently smooth surface if flat ironing the hair.

3. COOL: Pinning each curl to cool after a set or heat application ensures the hair forms the curl pattern that has been created. If straightening hair, run hands through each section from top to bottom after flat ironing to cool, smooth and close cuticle for maximum shine.

  • Credits
  • Hair: Megan Hopkins
  • Photo: Cam Camerena
  • Makeup: Reiva Cruze


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