4 June 2023

Video Alert! Long Layered Haircut and Balayage with Adam Ciaccia and Katie Sanchez

This amazing video features a collab between hairstylist Adam Ciaccia and colorist Katie Sanchez to give her childhood friend that globally coveted golden, California beachy hair.Don’t miss out!

The first step, taken by Adam Ciaccia is to cut some of the length to make it easier to style and color. Sanchez has a unique technique when it comes to using lighteners, she uses small batches at a time to maintain its potency and reduces waste and when moving to the back of the head she uses a stronger percentage. She started with 6 percent and ended using 9 percent so that it would all process evenly.

When applying color Sanchez prefers to backcomb the color or lightener ignorer to better blend into the natural hair. While doing this she gives all stylists/colorists a tip on how to talk to their clients. She advises to study your client to give the best suggestion for their lifestyle.

After the coloring is when Ciaccia really steps in. He brings all the hair back and cuts it on the same plane to give it an even baseline and then cuts in a vertical direction to add texture and remove some of the weight. After a nice blow dry he continues to make minor adjustments trimming very sparingly.

At the end of the video you can see how natural the highlights look making all outgrowth easy to maintain.


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