2 June 2023

Estetica Master Parade in Milan to Feature Tony Rizzo Starring On-Stage

The renowned hairstylist, founder and CEO of Sanrizz and the Alternative Hair Show, will be one of the 6 stars on stage at the  Estetica Master Parade– save the date: October 23rd, 2016.

Inspire, motivate, and achieve perfection: this is the motto of Tony Rizzo, founder of Sanrizz.

Recognized worldwide as one of the best English hairstylists, his main position is that of CEO of the Sanrizz empire. His 35 years of experience, his success, and his enormous contribution to the art of hairdressing have not changed Tony Rizzo, who is as enthusiastic today about his work as he was at the beginning.

The style and the mission
Distinctive cutting and styling techniques have become the Sanrizz brand signature, always focusing on a precise and clean style. According to Tony Rizzo, the level of experience or success is not so important. What really counts is that a hairdresser continues to experiment with new concepts. This is the ultimate mission.

Progress in the trade of hairdressing
Energy, optimism and engagement are the other attributes that back up his endless passion for the hair industry, which sees him busy in seminars, shows, international fairs, and photo shoots, in the Sanrizz Academy and in training.

Without forgetting his 33 years of contributions to Alternative Hair, the foundation that as of today has collected nearly 10 million British pounds to support the battle against infantile leukaemia.

The idea of the foundation arose in 1983, when Tony Rizzo and his wife Maggie lost their first-born, Valentino, who had just turned two, to leukaemia. They began involving all hairdressers in Alternative Hair, a fundraising project that today still enjoys the intense enthusiasm of all.

On October 23rd, 2016, Tony Rizzo, will be one of the greats to walk the stage of Estetica Master Parade in Milan – click here to know more!


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