23 May 2024

Walk the Walk: Meet Fatboy, for Lived-In, Second-Day-Hair Look

Ever notice how hair looks great the second day after a fresh cut? Now you can have that second day look thanks to Fatboy. Fatboy was founded by Tyson Kennedy solely for that reason, to look just as good as the first day out of the salon… everyday.

Kennedy is a hairdresser since the age of 16 and eventually, the New Zealand native went on to become the lead singer of the Grammy-Nominated band Stereogram. This, however, never made him stray from his love of cutting hair, and he continued to feed his passion by cutting and styling hair at Cutler Salon in Brooklyn as he toured the globe. While cutting and styling hair he noticed that there were no products that provided that lived-in, second-day-hair look.

It was then that he decided to craft his own products. Picture a kid playing mad-hair scientist over his kitchen stove in New York’s Lower East Side using recipes for old mustache wax. After thousands of trials and tribulations he finally developed the perfect consistency, it was then that Fatboy Perfect Putty was born.

Fatboy Perfect Putty is smooth and creamy in your hands but when applied to hair it delivers that coveted matted finish. Word of this innovative product spread to quickly and he eventually developed Tough Guy Water Wax.

Tough Guy Water Wax is the 21st century’s answer to traditional grease. It delivers all the shine without the hassle during removal. It’s medium hold is perfect for styling coarse or thick hair making it manageable and great for that sleek combover or pompadour.

The latest of their styling products is the Boss Dog Styling Cream. It comes in a cool metallic tube that you can squeeze. This styling cream is what happens when moisturizing cream and hair gel have a baby. Its not heavy at all which means it’s perfect for guys with fine hair that is prone to frizz or have problematic fly-aways. It creates just the right amount of separation while adding volume and grip.

Finally, we have their shampoo and conditioner. Because it makes no sense to use premium products that help your hair if you’re going to wash them out using harsh chemicals. The shampoo rejuvenates, nourishes and moisturizes every strand, detangles hair that may have been teased. Because it’s a Fatboy product it is great at controlling frizz and keeping hair manageable while also having UV protection.

Follow the shampoo with the Fatboy conditioner and you’ll see you wake up with less bed hair because it reduces friction between the strands, its safe and protects color treated hair and prevents breakage. Not to mention that it has a cooling effect on the scalp. By the way did we mention that both the shampoo AND conditioner are sulphate and gluten free, an added plus for Keratin users!

These products are not only helpful but economical too, the styling products are $21 each and the shampoo and conditioner are each $26.

For more information and to purchase the products, please visit www.fatboyhair.com

By George Read


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