11 December 2023

Italian Master Salvo Filetti to Star at Estetica Master Parade 2016

Salvo Filetti, co-founder and Creative Director of the Compagnia della Bellezza brand, will be one of the six major international hair stars presenting on-stage in Milan on October 23th for Estetica Master Parade.

Co-founder and Creative Director of the Compagnia della Bellezza brand and Artistic Director of the JoyÀcademy European Academy of Hair Design, Salvo Filetti is an icon of trendsetting in the world of beauty like “hair charmer”. Salvo Filetti, hair dresses not only the body, but also the true essence of the personality.

Not a simple hairstylist, but a hair designer, thanks to his masterful precision worthy of haute couture. As an image consultant to music and show business stars, like Carmen Consoli, Bianca Balti, Ambra Angiolini, and Violante Placido, Salvo is a spokesperson of Made in Italy in the international hair fashion system. He collaborates with the most important stylists to direct backstages of shoots and runways, including Jean Paul Gautier, Fendi, Renato Balestra, Sergey Grinko, Peter Langner, Alberta Ferretti, and Antonio Riva.

Loved by beauty editors not only for his creativity and technical abilities, but also for his charismatic styling personality, his figure is often associated with the image of consultant for various TV programs and periodical publications: Salvo is the “RAI Expert Beauty Coach” for the Italian television programme Detto Fatto conducted by Caterina Balivo. Visionary designs and product created exclusively for the Milan and Rome fashion week runways have been published often by Vogue Italia.

The Mission
The youngest of five children, Salvo Filetti followed in the footsteps of his hairdresser father. To ennoble and polish the category of hairdressers has always been his desire. As an instructor at the IAAD University of Design in Turin for the Masters in “Design, Hair, and Beauty: a contemporary combination”, he set himself the ambitious mission of transferring designer culture to the world of hairdressing.

His motto? “If you don’t dream, it can never come true”, which does not simply mean to dream or imaging, but to commit yourself to reaching objectives that are progressively more difficult. The key to the trade is to understand and know how to interpret a woman’s desire to change. This defines the success of a good hairstylist today.

For more than 20 years, the objective of Salvo Filetti and his partner Renato Gervasi has been to create hair fashion dedicated to a desirable woman: hairstyles that pursue the Italian model of beauty, cuts that real women want to wear, without focussing excessively on trends in and of themselves.

The Style and the Technique
His style is elegant and sophisticated, while his working technique focuses on three levels, corresponding to three precise moments:

• Vision: the imagining of a new composition
• Design: the phase during which the idea and the silhouette of the final result is defined
• Creation: the phase during which the three-dimensionality and texture of the hair enter into play

On October 23th, 2016 Salvo Filetti will be present in Milan for the Estetica Master Parade, the even that unites 6 of the most creative, talented, and innovative international master stylists together on one stage. Click here to know more!


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