2 February 2023

24 Men’s Grooming Tips to Take & Toss by V76’s Jesse Taylor

ESTETICA has a mission when it comes to male clients: educate them on grooming themselves! Men do not usually study beauty in the same manner that female consumers do, and it is the stylist or barber’s job to teach your clients on maintaining their look weeks after they leave the shop.

V76 is a brand that understands this, and they have a few tips that you can give your clients to teach them grooming, instead of “beauty.”

We turned to their first installment of V76’s Grooming Guide series, where they reached out to resident educator Jesse Taylor for his best grooming advice—from essential habits to start now, to antiquated rituals that need to fall by the wayside.

For a well-rounded approach to personal care and a clean start to spring, here’s what you should be doing (and dodging) for the rest of your life:

1. Treat yourself to a pedicure.
2. As the weather warms up, all men should treat themselves to a pedicure. Spring means breaking out the sandals after months of hibernation in boots and thick socks, so there’s no shame in getting a much-needed scrubbing and buffing.
3. Tend to your skin.
4. Most men abide by a wash-and-go routine for their face, neglecting to replenish their skin with moisture. But building a skincare regimen is vital in maintaining healthy, smooth skin. Wash, tone, and moisturize daily—and don’t forget to exfoliate regularly.
5. Tame those errant hairs.
6. Follow the three commandments of putting your best face forward: Trim your eyebrows if they’re overwhelmingly bushy, wax away ear hair, and eliminate visible nose hair. Electric trimmers and mini scissors were made for keeping these features in check. Nobody likes to see unruly hairs poking out and taking care of the little details will go a long way.
7. Know your texture.
8. When styling your hair, make sure you choose a product that actually works for your texture. A heavy wax will weigh down fine hair, so opt for a lightweight texturizing product like Grooming Cream Ultralight Hold. For thick, coarse hair, avoid matte pomades in favor of liquid-based serums, gels and balms like Control Balm Strong Hold.
9. Frame your face.
10. Any kind of beard, whether it’s a full-grown forest or a five o’clock shadow, can be tailored to flatter your face. For those who want a well-defined beard line, adhere to the line of your jaw rather than your neck, as doing so can lead to a rounder shape and deemphasize the natural angles of your face. For a more lived-in look, taper your scruff slightly, so that it takes on a subtler but still flattering shape.
11. Keep it short and simple.
12. For guys who have receding or thinning hair it’s best to keep things on the shorter side. Don’t attempt to grow out fine hair—a shorter cut adds density and gives the appearance of fullness.

1. Dirty tools.
2. Consider this a PSA: grooming tools don’t clean themselves. If you’re guilty of going weeks without sanitizing your razors and clippers, remember that unsanitary tools are a breeding ground for bacteria and dead skin buildup. Disinfect them regularly and store them in a dry place. If you leave them on your sink or in your shower, they can easily rust and lead to an improper shave.
3. Using body products on your face.
4. Stop washing your face with bar soap. The ingredients are formulated for your body and can dry out and tighten the skin on your face. Instead, invest in a facial cleanser formulated for your skin type.
5. Neglecting your nails.
6. Ragged, overgrown claws are as unsightly as they are unhygienic, so it’s best to always keep your nails neat and trimmed. Well-groomed hands are an integral part of making a good first impression.
7. Shaving without prep.
8. Razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and red skin are prime offenders of a poor shaving routine. Prepping your skin and softening the beard before a shave is essential, as is shaving along the grain of the hair, not against it. Start with a warm towel followed by Beard Oil, Smooth Shave Cream or Clean Shave Hydrating Gel Cream. Treat the skin post-shave with a cold towel and aftershave or moisturizer to soothe.
9. An overpowering beard.
10. Don’t let your fuzz wear you. If a burly, lumberjack beard is your look of choice, continue to rock it but keep it clean and shaped.
11. DIY haircuts.
12. Leave the haircuts to the pros. Even if you’re in between trims and tempted to use that stray razor to clean up your neckline, more often than not doing it on your own leads to a crooked line.


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