8 December 2022

Matrix Reloaded! Discover the NEW Matrix Professional Site + Mobile App

MyMatrixFamily.com becomes MatrixProfessional.com with a new mobile app to go with it! Both, website and mobile app makeover offer a more robust, up-to-date, and community centric experience!

For years, MyMatrixFamily.com has been one of the most visited sites for beauty professionals—a place for education, information, inspiration and connection. Now the top professional website is more robust, up-to-date and community centric than ever before, as MyMatrixFamily now becomes MatrixProfessional.com

With the new name comes a wide range of first-to-market features, all designed to enhance and support professionals in their endeavors to transform clients’ lives and realize their full potential as hairdressers, owners, managers and students. Launching in August, MatrixProfessional.com rivals, and in some cases surpasses, all top beauty websites for ease and accessibility. The new MatrixProfessional.com is inspired by such platforms as Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Houzz, giving Matrix the edge in the latest functional technology.

What’s New?
● Homepage Design. Cleaner and more striking with a relocated navigation bar that makes it easier than ever for professionals to find what they’re looking for!
Cross-Platform Responsiveness. Desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile—MatrixProfessional.com goes wherever a Matrix professional goes.
Knowledge Based Online Certification Program. Simple, accessible, concise. Video aided education with simple quizzes to help hairdressers learn and grow. Hairdressers receive a personalized certificate upon completion and the online certification program is accessible anywhere, even on your mobile device!
SalonCentric Shopping Center. Restocking and purchasing professional products has never been more convenient.  SalonCentric customers are invited to shop, view videos on product usage and how-tos, view ratings and reviews and engage with the community for a most complete and satisfying shopping experience.
Social Media Integration. With a glance, it’s now possible to see how Matrix is trending on top sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.
Live Classes Page. Education-minded professionals can check out classes and events in their areas.

What’s Improved?
Profile Pages. It’s easier than ever to create profiles—professionals can register through Facebook, Google or Twitter.  This revised feature helps build connections with other Matrix Professional members, and provides instant updates on a member’s loyalty program status.
The Gallery. With more style photos, videos, event coverage, how-to’s, formulas and trend content, inspiration is never more than a click away.
Product Pages. More complete than ever before, hairdressers can browse their favorites, and search by brand, name, category or even best-rated. Now it’s possible to select and tag topics, bringing the best of the web to this professional site.  Visitors can also view video how-tos for each product. What’s more, the review section enables each hairdresser to share feedback and tips with their fellow artists and engage with the professional community and with a SalonCentric account, you can now buy your Matrix products online.
● Artist Page. Now professionals can connect with their favorite Matrix artists and educators. This expanded section includes the ability to engage with education team members on their social media platforms.  Now fans can link to an artist’s individual social media account to friend and follow a favorite.

Matrix has always been committed to supporting professionals to imagine all they can be. With the new MatrixProfessional.com there are even more opportunities to help Matrix members achieve every goal and dream!


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