22 May 2024

Michaeline DeJoria Exclusive! Presenting Paul Mitchell’s NEON – The 1st Pro Line for Gen Z!

Let’s face it, we’re getting old. Generation Z has caught up to us, and now it’s our turn to get with the program. While the whole world is obsessing over how to attract Millennials, Paul Mitchell has looked beyond and create a new line solely for today’s kids, while giving them a style that stands out.

Gen Z is estimated to be within the range of 15 to 20 years of age, and Paul Mitchell’s latest product launch NEON HAIR CARE is the first line in the professional haircare market whose brand values represent the lifestyle of this new, exciting and slightly quirky demographic. It is estimated that by 2020, 40% of the consumers are going to be Gen Z (!)

The launch took place yesterday at Paul Mitchell’s The Gathering, where Vice Chairman and Director of Future Development, Michaeline DeJoria, and Jason Yates, VP of Sales and Marketing of John Paul Mitchell Systems, introduced NEON hair care and its tagline ‘Style that Stands Out‘. The celebration of diversity is the centerpiece of the line, thriving on inclusivity and self-expression. The line will launch in September with 6 products: Sugar Cleanse: wash + prep (shampoo); Sugar Rinse: detangle + hydrate (condicioner); Sugar Spray: texture + body (texture spray); Sugar Confection: hold + control (working spray); Sugar Cream: sleek + sculpted (smoothing cream); and Sugar Twist: piecey + beachy (tousle cream)

Adding value to Paul Mitchell stylists and distributors

This is also the first time that Paul Mitchell is going to be selling online, which is going to be a brand new way for stylists to add to their supplemental income. “It took a lot of redrafting and redesigning it in a way were it adds value to our stylists and our distributors. We didn’t want to do something where we just sell it online. To do this, we found a way to get them commissions where they end up pocketing more profit than they would if they were just selling it themselves off the shelf,” said to Estetica Michaeline DeJoria.

At the time of checkout, the consumer is the person that s going to select the salon that the commission goes to. If you don’t choose one, it automatically chooses one for you at random. Paul Mitchell has an algorithm to where there is no preference, and if there are salons tied for a particular area is splits the difference so it is fair to everyone. “There is no work from the salon or distributor’s side, so we handle all of the work,” assures Michaeline. “It is our way of appreciating them for being so loyal to us after all of these years. For NEON they have a 20% commission for focus salons and then we have a 10% commission for distributors.”

Be sure to check http://neonhair.com opening 9/01/16!

An invitation to meet Gen Z

The second benefit about this online system is that Paul Mitchell’s NEON is redirecting these teenagers and young adults to a specific salon in their area, and they can directly get an invitation to go with their new products so that customers can learn how to use it! This is a great way to target a new young market for the salon by selling the product first. You can get loyalty for a longer amount of time with these new Gen Z clients directed to your salon by Paul Mitchell’s NEON.

We expect to expand to the traditional business model, but I see a lot of social movement coming from this line,” says Michaeline. “I can see this being something viral or digital in a way where you can spread this message to a generation that desperately needs that support. I hope that more companies take a page out of our book, and see that you can tell women that they are beautiful in every way that they want. We want to give products that will let you play with your look and have fun and make people feel happy.

Dytto and the Anti-Bullying Message from NEON

Most exciting of all is the lines’ first Neon Girl, Dytto, a new Gen Z influencer, model, and musician with absolutely fabulous hair. She has made appearances in Ellen Degeneres and she was yesterday at The Gathering stage representing NEON. Dytto stands tall with NEON’s anti-bullying message in the social media and digital world. “Today it is so easy to have someone take a bad image of you and spread it,” says Michaeline DeJoria. “And at this age [Gen Z], we need to stand up and teach that you have to accept everyone and their differences. That is the new cool and I hope everyone gets that from NEON.

NEON HAIR CARE is teaming up with a bunch of amazing anti-bullying organizations and getting girls involved in ending bullying on their schools and communities.

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