2 February 2023

Insider Envy! Behind the Scenes with the Wella Studio Los Angeles Signature Artistic Team

There are various traits that separate a leader of an industry from the rest. Wella is one of those leaders that has been set in stone and withstood the difficulty of creating something new consistently.

The Wella Studio’s Signature Artistic team in Los Angeles teamed up with Estetica for an exclusive collection and cover shoot, where we witnessed firsthand the insurmountable potential that the Wella Studio Team is known for. Led by The Wella Studios Artistic Director Diego Raviglione, this is the first collection exclusive to the Los Angeles team, comprised of Victoria Thurman Hall, Frank Andrade and Oliver Shortall. The Wella Studio Signature Artistic Team is completed by their New York counterparts, gurus in their own right, Lynette Tatum, Michele Catalanello, David Nieves and Robert Salim. The New York team has a collection coming this fall and will be another Estetica exclusive!

Artistic Director Diego Raviglione wanted to give each team a platform to showcase their skills and demonstrate the different aesthetics found on each coast. As master photographer Nick Berardi stood behind the camera, he captured the perfect Wella-moment and the artists prepared other models for the shoot. This is when we decided we could not simply do a photoshoot, but write about the process of this team and document not only the gorgeous collection from this moment, but also the workflow and energy that goes into orchestrating a beautiful collaboration between the hairdressers, photographers, and beauty professionals who are demonstrating their skills through a hairfashion collection.

My role is to provide the platform to showcase the incredible talents of this Signature Team to the world,” said Raviglione. “The Wella Studios are the crown jewel of our education system. The collection provides a vehicle to see first hand the level of expertise and inspiration of our Signature Studio Team.” The Wella Studios continues to expand and with the recent addition of Wella Studio Ateliers across the country it’s motto ‘Collaborate, Innovate, Accelerate‘ rings true.

As a professional with over 30 years of experience as a highly creative artistic hair designer and educator, Raviglione was assigned to the position only a year and a half ago, and exudes a contagious enthusiasm and talent that was evident in this unique shoot. In this collection the L.A. Studio Signature Artistic Team wanted to pay homage to Cut Craft,’ Wella’s new cutting methodology and 4-day Studio seminar which takes a holistic approach bringing together a masterfully executed cut to showcase beautiful color and the customization of EIMI styling products.

Culturally, one of the things that drew me to Wella initially was the sense of being part of a team. One of the things I respect immensely is that we are an organization that, whether you are a CEO or assisting a seminar everyone is treated with same caliber of respect. I think that speaks volumes,” said Raviglione. “Also when we look at things like the role that Wella Professionals’ TrendVision has played in the industry in terms of setting inspirational paths and educating on a global level, it has had a monumental impact on trendsetting and supporting younger stylists.”

Education is the building block that maintains tradition and boosts the level of artists that will become part of this globally acclaimed company. Everyone should find the motivation to take a Wella Studio Course and ultimately transform into the best professional by using the techniques that top artists in the game are using and teaching. “Hairdressers like cool stuff; they know what’s really good and they know what’s really bad. Most hairdressers are very educated in fashion quality, so I think as we move forward and start looking at what we are going to be merchandising and what we offer in the Studios, it is a direct reflection of the caliber of Wella Education. That’s why something like this takes time,” said Raviglione to Estetica Magazine.

Shaping the future of advanced education is an evolutionary process, but with collections such as these, it is not a secret that Wella Studio Teams are having a profound impact on hairdressers throughout the world!

  • Credits
  • Hair: Wella Studio Los Angeles Signature Artistic Team
    Photography: Nick Berardi
    Makeup: Eugene Conde
    Wardrobe: Jenn Surbeck for Skingraft


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