30 November 2022

AIPP Awards 2016-2017: Here Come the Finalists!

The names of the competitors for the 2016-2017 AIPP Awards have been announced! The ceremony will take place on Sunday, October 16th at the Alternative Hair Show 2016!

Finally, the news we’ve been waiting for! The finalists who will face off for the grand prize at the AIPP Awards 2016-2017 have been announced. On October 16th, during the legendary Alternative Hair Show to be held at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall (London), the 5 winners will be announced. This year the AIPP Awards registered a new outstanding participation record, having received 679 hair collections from 32 countries from all around the globe!!! Here is the official list:

Alan Keville (Ireland)
Ben Russell @ Rush Hair (UK)
Caterina Di Biase (Australia)
David Barron (USA)
Francesco Group (UK)
Goldworthy’s (UK)
Hair Plaza (The Netherlands)
Jean Claude Aubry (France)
Jock Robson (New Zealand)
John Simpson (USA)
Jose Boix @ Toni&Guy (Spain)
Laurent Decreton (France)
Mark Leeson (UK)
Mark van Westerop (The Netherlands)
Medusa Hair (UK)
Papas & Pace (Australia)
Petra Mechurova  (Czech Republic)
Raffel Pages (Spain)
Shogo Ideguchi (Japan)
Vivienne Mackinder (USA)

Allen Ruiz (USA)
Angelo Seminara (UK)
Anne Veck (UK)
Christophe Gaillet (France)
Chrystofer Benson (USA)
Eros (Taiwan)
Gonzalo Zarauza & Manuel Mon (Spain)
Indira Schauwecker @ Toni&Guy (UK)
Jason Hall (UK)
Jerome Guezou (France)
Jesus Oliver (Spain/UK)
Jose Siero @ Sile Peluqueros (Spain)
Marcela Blechova (Czech Republic)
Marie Bogaert (France)
Mark van Westerop (The Netherlands)
Nadia Semanic @ Toni&Guy (Australia)
Natalya Zheglova (Russia)
Shaun McGrath (Australia)
Shy Knittel @ Shy + Flo (Switzerland)
Silas Tsang (Canada)

Alain Pereque (Canada)
Anna Pacitto (Canada)
Anne Veck (UK)
Cataldo’s (Australia)
Caterina Di Biase (Australia)
Cos Sakkas @ Toni&Guy (UK)
D&J Ambrose (UK)
Dallan Flint (USA)
Daniel Hermiz @ Joey Scandizzo (Australia)
é Salon (Australia)
Itch (Taiwan)
Jamie Stevens (UK)
Kobi Bokshish (Australia)
Michaelangelo Marenco (USA)
Neil Barton (UK)
Robert Masciave (UK)
Silas Tsang (Canada)
Wayne Lloyd (Irlanda)
WeLove Salons (UK)
X-Presion (Spain)

Aiden Horwood (Australia)
Carlton (South Africa)
David Corbett (UK)
David Siero @ Toni&Guy (UK)
Frederic Mendes (Luxemburg)
Hair & More (Spain)
Jonathan Andrew @ Jamie Stevens (UK)
Jules Tognini (Australia)
Kevin Luchmun @ Toni&Guy (UK)
Kinki (The Netherlands)
Mary Alamine (Australia)
Ramiro Mata (Spain)
Robert Stary (Czech Republic)
Rodrick Samuels (USA)
Rustam Mirasov (Russia)
Sanrizz (UK)
Stefano Silvestri @ Portfolio Hair (Australia)
Tyana Nichole @ Pop Opera (Canada)
Uros Mikic (Australia)
Yuki Kano @ Toni&Guy (Australia)

Carol Bruguera (Spain)
Caterina Di Biase (Australia)
é Salon (Australia)
FreeStyle Club (Italy)
Hair & More (Spain)
Identity (Spain)
Indira Schauwecker @ Toni&Guy (UK)
Jerome Guezou (France)
Jerry Rais (Italy)
Johanna Cree Brown (UK)
Klaus Peter Ochs (Germany)
Kobi Bokshish (Australia)
Papas & Pace (Australia)
Sándor Szél (Hungary)
Sandrine Ruiz (France)
Taylor Taylor London (UK)
Ton Vangard (Spain)
Toni&Guy (UK)
X-Presion (Spain)
Wilfrid Karloff (France)


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