24 March 2023

label.m blossoms with team growth at Ambassador Educational Training

The naturally glamorous culture that surrounds label.m is casting and instructing professionals from all over the country to become ambassadors for the brand.

The event took place at the Hyatt Regency in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida where many, both prospective and current label.m ambassadors, answered the call, luring over 60 hair professionals to partake in the training with talent and passion this weekend from July 17 to the 19. With their sexy UK fame, the brand leaps across the pond to educate their reps.

Becoming the ambassador for label.m requires a special set of skills and information that even the #1 fan of said brand might miss. Not only do you have to represent label.m in a respective region, but there must also be a familiarity and mastery in label.m products & education, which as most things in life, is much more skillful than it seems from below the stage. For this reason, label.m made this a three-day intense seminar where a variety of insider topics were touched.

It’s creating a buzz with hairdressers to get involved with a brand that is in contact and influenced by fashion and music. The progression is not to be seeking in drugstores, we want to sell exclusively in professional salons so that they do have to come from the recommendation of a professional to the client,” says label.m International Artistic Director & Education Manager for the Americas, Richard Mannah.

Some of the highlights included chapters of different skill sets that benefit all kinds of professionals. There was an awesome session on presentation skills, PR and Marketing session by Sydney Knight, and even a product launch that has everybody waiting for September to get here… and quick! Of course, ESTETICA was there to get all of that good gossip and was blown away with the demo from the label.m International Artistic Directors Richard Mannah, Efi Davies, and Marco Girotti.

There’s always something exciting about label.m – that’s why I have stayed with them for so long,” says Richard Mannah. “We introduce a new collection once a year and a new campaign with step-by-steps, a new book, and we always have new product launches, like we do today. I think that the newness of the company in terms of education, imagery and products keep us as hairdressers motivated and exciting, because hairdressers get bored so quickly. To have something new keeps you interested, whether it be a new technique, a new look and a new product.

We are the official sponsors and the official product of London Fashion Week,” says Richard. “We are the only ones with a fashion week exclusive. When we do all of the shows we always incorporate looks from the catwalks of London and NYFW. Whenever you see the brand, it’s actually a part of the logo because that is the message and it’s something that is very unique to us. No other product company in the world has gotten a Fashion Week stamp except us!


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