27 September 2022

Sebastian Professional breaks the limits of self-expression with the Eclectic AW16 Collection

This season Sebastian Professional shapes a world without labels or limits where liberated individuals connect across cultures to go against the grain of convention. This is a world where each of us has the power to become our own limited edition, making our mark as an everyday masterpiece.

Hair, fashion and body art fuse in a celebration of all things eclectic. The ordinary is twisted and given new purpose. Iconic products mix and match in unexpected ways, as Global Art Directors Michael Polsinelli and Shay Dempsey test the limits of self-expression.

The edges of creativity shift in a striking series of styles, each enhanced with a graphic tattoo by renowned ink artist Maxime Büchi, whose intricate designs also stamp an exclusive line-up of our most powerful liquid tools. The materials of hair artistry their own works of art, and Sebastian’s avant-garde vision takes the stage.

If you look at the youth, the confidence that they have nowadays is very reflective on their spirit or their attitude or even their appearance. Their mindset is so free, they’re not worried, they’re not really worried about labels. We wanted to project what we thought our future millennial would be, break it down, reshape it, reconstruct it and put it back out there and see how far we can go with it,” says Michael Polsinelli, Sebastian Global Art Director.


Sebastian Professional is introducing 9 transformative looks as part of the ECLECTIC Collection. Textures are juxtaposed, coexisting within each unexpected look. Rough and smooth, braided and undone, simplistic elements from a ponytail to a twist are deconstructed and rebuilt into striking three-dimensional shapes. Three new dimensions of artistry emerged which feature a variety of new styling techniques:

• Repurposed items: Eclectic embellishment gives the everyday new edge. Buckles, clips, sticks and strips of leather are deconstructed and repurposed into hair jewelry: the final touch of creativity that transforms a total look.

• Unexpected Blends: Liquid tools intersect, mixing and matching to transform the fiber of hair. Texture, volume and shine fuse to form unexpected connections, building the perfect base and twisting together into new-to-the-eye effects. Sebastian’s line-up of iconic stylers take on new creative life.

• The Body Artistic: A solid stamp of identity, an intricate inkprint of style: a tattoo is a mark of who you are, have been or will be. It is a reflection of personality, taste and tribe that becomes a central piece in the self-expression puzzle. For this collection, celebrated tattoo artist Maxime Buchi brings his unique vision to the mix with exclusive designs created for each collection look, and each product in a one-of-a-kind limited edition line-up.

Watch the Eclectic AW16 Collection Video below!


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