22 May 2024

LNWTF Episode 7 Out Now! Tev Finger interviews James Pecis, @popethebarber & Danny Jelaca

LNWTF, or Late Night with Tev Finger, brings internationally renowned beauty industry mavens to the same sofa on the revolutionary talk show hosted by Tev Finger for the sole purpose of opening up the giant box of wonders that the beauty industry holds.

Ranging from shop talk to exclusive interviews with John Paul Dejoria, and even reaching the complex world of Instafamous hairstylists, LNWTF is a place where the industry becomes transparent and the costumes and drinks quickly heat up the conversation.

Every hairdresser, it doesn’t matter what brand, what salon or what are they doing can watch the show and learn about what is going on in the industry,” said Tev. “We have only put up seven shows but the outcome has been off the Richter scale. We have gotten so many emails, and people are actually going back and watching the first episodes.

Tev Finger has created the platform because he saw the void. The doors are not closed, and now there is a platform that is dedicated to bring to light the intricacies of the many careers and individuals involved in the work of beauty… and the 7th episode is finally out!

In this sit-down Tev welcomes three guests with individual style and talent so unique, they are more magician than hairstylist. Oribe Hair Care Global Brand Ambassador James Pecis (@jamespecis) joins us to showcase some of his recent work, do a live demo and give us some insight on what Oribe has up its sleeve. Hailing from the VTCN Barber Shop in Santa Ana, California, here’s the uber-talented barber, known simply as Pope (@popethebarber). She gives us her story and hooks Tev up with a fresh cut while he sits at the desk. And finally, from South Beach, salon owner and renowned stylist Danny Jelaca (@dannyjelacahair) pays us a visit to talk shop and school Tev on some self-defense moves.

The show is taking a digital approach to disseminate itself, not paid advertising, but rather the organic clicks and social media platforms to get the word out. One very particular aspect of the show is also the merger between the old-school aspect of hairdressing versus the new social media hairstylists/entrepreneur that is making a business and a clientele using unconventional means. Likes, retweets and links seem to be the way to entertain the new generation of hairstylists and bringing to their screens the ideals and foundations that taught leaders like John Paul DeJoria and Zak Mascolo from Toni&Guy.

Whether it is a startup struggling with making ends meet or a corporate employee in an international beauty brand, anyone interested in the this world will have something to learn from the show. The 7th episode is out, click on the link here to watch!


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