3 October 2023

How-To! Miami Swim Week’s Angle Braid by Brian C. Hawkins using SUDZZfx

Keva J. chose the “Birds of Paradise” theme for her eponymous swim collection during Miami Swim Week because it is such a unique looking flower: sleek, long and regal with an interesting bloom at top.

Lead hairstylist Brian C. Hawkins worked with Keva J. to make sure the models’ hair reflected her vision: a high, super sleek ponytail with an angled braid accent on top.

Since the ultimate look was sleek and sexy with movement in the ponytail, the key was to use SUDZZfx products that complemented the concept. Dry hair was prepped first with Zenyth Frizz Eliminator just to have a base of light serum and shine. Airplay, a working hair spray, was then applied to each section before flat ironing to get the hair as sleek and straight as possible. It also worked as thermal protection for the strands.

From the arch of the left eyebrow, a 3-section scalp braid was created at an angle across the top of the head. Maintaining tension was important in an effort to keep the braid straight and tight. Once the braid was established and the tail of it left out, the remainder of the hair was brushed and pulled up into a high ponytail. A little of the PowerFoam Styling Souffle was applied everywhere but the braid because it left the hair sleek yet firmly in place for a clean look while brushing the hair into a ponytail.

The ponytail was placed at the crown point of the hair so that it stood high and had great movement as the models walked the runway. The ponytail was secured with a hook elastic before the tail of the braid that was left out was wrapped around it to secure it in place. To finish, a light spray of Liquid Luxe Luxury Mist was applied on the ponytail for additional shine.

Photos: Luis Feliz


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