30 September 2023

Rebel Collection by Angelo Seminara for Davines

‘Rebel’ is the result of the overwhelming attraction of the 80s graphics. It is spontaneous, direct, but holds the power of ideas coming out of meticulous research.

Inspiration comes from urban art, the metropolitan art that talks to passer-bys through graffiti featuring impacting colours and words, an art that becomes familiar because it is close to passer-bys and not closed inside museums. Accessible to all every day, it is an integral part of the urban landscape and of our lives.

Similarly, ‘Rebel’ is simple, yet sophisticated, assertive and sometimes biting. It is an attitude that every woman knows, be it in an open or hidden way, at a young or mature age. You can dare, be exuberant in expressing yourself without losing femininity. You can be assertive and authentic at the same time. So this collection belongs to every woman.

To create this proposal, Davines Artistic Director, Angelo Seminara, together with Edoardo Paludo, International Creative Colour Ambassador, have used the new permanent colour line Mask with Vibrachrom™ to demonstrate the virtuosity of colour in its apparent simplicity. Mask with Vibrachrom™ is Davines innovative colour system that uses an unprecedented technology in the cosmetic world that delivers high conditioning power, extraordinary shine and long-lasting colour thanks to a more uniform colour penetration into the hair structure.

Colour is the protagonist of this collection, yet it cannot but complement itself with the cut and styling to create an overall harmonious result. An accurate styling through the careful use of Your Hair Assistant styling products enhances the quality of cut and colour, strengthening the face balance. This collection features extreme and rebellious volumes, definite and shiny straight looks, matt textures playing with contrasting colours, and also full curls and vibrant waves.

Your Hair Assistant products are the ideal tool to create these proposals. Every product boosts exclusive and high-performance formulas that are the result of the encounter between the expertise of Angelo Seminara and the formulation development vanguard of Davines Research Laboratories. Protection from heat, reduction of drying times and resistance to humidity are essential elements for every look. Every Your Hair Assistant product prepares the hair for the application of the subsequent product, which will in turn enhance the performance of the previous one.

  • Credits
    Hair: Angelo Seminara Davines Artistic Director
    Colour: Edoardo Paludo Davines International Creative Colour Ambassador
    Makeup: Daniel Kolaric
    Photographer: Andrew O’Toole
    Stylist: Niccolò Torelli


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