26 March 2023

BC Bonacure Repair Rescue relaunch by Schwarzkopf Professional

Hair Savior BC Repair Rescue is stronger than ever with the introduction of two innovative products: the S.O.S Elixir and NutriShield Serum!

If only you could turn back the clock! Beginning July 2016, Schwarzkopf Professional makes this a possibility; with the relaunch of BC REPAIR RESCUE, and the introduction of two new hair care products.

The damaging effects of styling sins, including; heat damage, frequent coloring, straightening and perms can now be forgiven with both new hair saviors and the new and improved hair care range from BC REPAIR RESCUE by Schwarzkopf Professional. Whether used as a salon treatment at partner salons, or as basic hair care at home, the result is wonderfully shiny, healthylooking hair – that’s so beautiful, you’ll think your styling sins never even happened.

What’s new? BC REPAIR RESCUE is relaunching its existing products, along with the addition of two new hair saviors; the S.O.S Elixir and NutriShield Serum, to the BC REPAIR RESCUE range.

The BC REPAIR RESCUE S.O.S Elixir, a new threephase intensive treatment, nourishes the hair and restores the inner cortex. Designed for use as a conditioning treatment after shampooing, it can also be used as a primer before an intensive treatment. The BC REPAIR RESCUE S.O.S Elixir’s Reversilane and Cell Perfector technology with hydrolyzed keratin transforms badly damaged hair into silky soft tresses.

The new BC REPAIR RESCUE NutriShield Serum is BC BONACURE’S first dualaction serum that replenishes the hair structure while protecting against damaging UV rays and temperatures of up to 428 °F .

When the hair goes through external aggressions such as chemical processes, heat, UV rays and free radicals, the cuticle becomes brittle or can even totally disappear leaving the hair fiber open and unprotected, the hair is damaged. The damaged hair is altered at two levels. Inner level cortex reveals deep structural gaps.

Damien Carney, Schwarzkopf Professional North American Creative Director, has elevated hairstyling into an art form through an impressive body of work with a virtual who’s who of fashion and beauty, weighs in on the newest additions to the BC REPAIR RESCUE Collection: “The secret to REPAIR RESCUE lies in the combined action of the all new Reversilane and Cell Perfector Technologies. Hair is deeply reconstructed inch by inch and protected by a reactive antifriction shield. As a result, hair is instantly and visibly repaired, strengthened, full of movement, with incredible shine and softness. Hair is so much easier to maintain and style, BC REPAIR RESCUE it’s my number one product regime.


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