26 September 2022

Bond Building! Truss Professional launches Game-Changing 8 XPowder

Attention colorists! When it comes time to change the look of your client’s hair color and deliver the color of her dreams, it is always essential first and foremost to protect and preserve the health and vitality of hair

Now, with Truss Professional’s new 8 XPowder, it is easy to take your clients color up a notch and still maintain the perfect integrity, vibrancy and quality of their hair strands with guaranteed results!

Truss’s groundbreaking 8 XPowder is a “must have” for any serious professional who loves hair color and bleaching. This truly raises the bar in its category.

8 XPowder is a bond-building, damage-minimizing plant derived complex. By utilizing natural beeswax, Truss combines nature’s ingredients with advance protection technology to deliver optimum, visible results each and every time.

Truss 8 XPowder allows bleaching agents to be evenly and intelligently distributed into the cortex of the hair fiber, reducing damage and ensuring color that is more vibrant. Check out its 8 benefits…

– Improved texture because of powder formula for easier application and spreadability
– Increased stability during lightning process (without concerns of puffing/swelling)
– Accelerates lifting and supports precise color results
– Decreases heating during foil highlighting
– Ultra-protection during bleaching process
– Extra hydration
– Easy detangling
– Extra film protection and shine

Truss 8 XPowder is incredibly easy-to-use –  just mix one part of Truss 8 XPowder to one part of Truss Bleaching powder and two parts of cream developer of your choice. Or you can mix one part directly into any hair color. 

For more information on Truss Cosmetics, call 1-844-TRUSS11 or visit usa.trussprofessional.com


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