2 June 2023

To Sell or Not to Sell? International Financial Consultant Alex Dobao advises

“The hairdresser does not sell.” Yeah, I know, it sounds contradictory at this time when so many people offer training for professional hairdressers and especially emphasizing the increasing importance of relying on a sales turnover.

Give me a minute and I’ll explain my point of view. Very frequently, I listen to professional hairdressers, or read what they post on Facebook or say comments like, the barber is an artist, a craftsman; that hairdressing is not a profession but an art. If so, then, here is my question, why then become sales people?

Let me ask: Do you feel like a artists or salesman?

I think hairdressing is an art, I am totally convinced. But the only thing I like to clarify is that when a hairdresser owns a salon; like it or not, they become an entrepreneur. You have to make your art as profitable as possible and think about the “consumer of art,” in other words, his client. Reasonable prices, appropriate strategies, proper management and all those important and necessary measures that enable the business to go ahead with a walk through tough situations we live for years. But selling? Why does a hairdresser have to become a salesman? This way, his focus shifts, and the mission turns into making people who enter your business buy products. I see it in a totally different way and I would like to share it with you.

Think for a moment, when do you feel better – when you sell or when you solve a problem (like a consultation)?

From my point of view, people do not walk into the salon to buy. That’s good, because otherwise, we would be like a simple store. My theory is that they walk into a salon to seek advice, professional service, and maintain their standard of beauty. Clients want to feel better, they want solutions to problems and above all feel more confident about themselves through their image, which should reflect their personality. To do so they need confidence and trust that they are in front of the right professional, to whom you can tell your wishes to. This is where I begin to doubt. I think it would be difficult if they think that this moment will be used to sell them something.

It is quite another thing if we devote our full attention to listen, to understand what they tell us, what they ask us and to make available our knowledge and experience while giving them motivation and solutions to their problems. On the other hand, it is quite important for them to know how to care for their “investment in beauty” and to learn to maintain at home the results in they get in a salon. If the recommendation is sincere, based on knowledge and professionalism, which provides solutions and advantages. The customer will have obtained what he wanted and also have a supplement that has been proposed by his trusted professional. Here comes a double advantage. The customer gets what he wants and sought, and the professional can be satisfied with their work. He has done what was expected of him and also get customer trust. We have become “Doctor Hair” but also in “Pharmacy”.

Your hair is not bright, does not maintain its shape, it easily unravels, your scalp is irritated, affected by dandruff or oil? Your trusted professional will work his magic creating a suitable and personalized style for you and will offer the right solutions to your needs.” For me, this is the message that should reach clients about hairdressing; it is an advice service and a hairdressing salon.

Anyone would be willing to pay, depending on their capabilities, for a full-service when it is someone they trust. In turn, as a professional, you get the satisfaction of a job well done, your client trusts you, and you fairly get compensation for the work and advice… Remember, don’t charge for what you do but what you know.

Do not simply sell, advise.
Do not change money for products; offer solutions.
Do not be a salesperson, be an artist.
Do not let your clients spend money, make them notice that it is an investment in beauty and satisfaction.
The hairstylist remains the artist, craftsman, confidant, friend… a great professional and trustworthy individual in this person’s relationship.

Why become a salesperson when you have the most wonderful profession in the world.

Nothing is better than having sincerity, interest, professionalism and excitement in your work. The client of a hairdresser is much more than a potential buyer. What do you think?

Have a happy and productive day!


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