1 June 2023

Organic Pure Care Products: Exclusive for Salons, Safe at Home

Our world is getting more and more technological, e-commerce is increasing and the frenetic pace of modern life promotes megastores where consumers can immediately find everything they need. The beauty and personal care industry, in particular, is undoubtedly one of the most active in terms of presence in Internet and e-commerce.

Nevertheless, Organic Pure Care products are sold exclusively through authorized partner salons.

Why? First of all, at Organic Pure Care they strongly believe in the professionalism of hairdressers and in their ability to use their products to their full potential, after specific training. Only the trained eye of a professional, in fact, can understand the needs of the customer and recommend the correct strategies to deal with specific problems: Split ends? Extensive skin peeling? A DIY hair color that needs to be completely changed? A precise analysis of the situation will surely lead to the desired results.

A pharmacist, an herbalist, or a sales assistant at the mall can never replace the advice of a professional hairdresser. The hairdresser is not an ordinary shopkeeper. Someone described it as “an artist, whose works are always on display.” Customers entrust him/her something very important, their look, and expect in exchange something special, excellent, exclusive, that cannot be found elsewhere.

A relevant part of this positive experience that every hair salon wishes to offer its customers consists in the quality of products available in the salon and retailed for home use.

All Organic Pure Care products are entirely manufactured in Italy, using natural, organic, active ingredients, not tested on animals and free of harmful chemical additives. Their formulation is based on high concentrations of pure essential oils, extracted from plants with traditional harvesting techniques. Organic Pure Care global distribution is based on a controlled supply chain, which avoids indefinite stock in warehouses, where bad temperature conditions can affect quality. Moreover, all the salons, as long as they become our partners, receive a complete and ongoing training on how to use the entire range of our products (treatments, coloring, styling etc.) and how to correctly advise clients to buy something for everyday use.

Anyone who chooses to rely on Organic Pure Care products knows exactly what it’s being used on the skin and can be sure of avoiding any waste of money. In this way, the brand ensures complete satisfaction of both customers and professionals.

For more information, please visit www.organicpurecare.com


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