27 September 2022

Kadus Professional shines in the spotlight at Premiere Orlando 2016!

Premiere Orlando 2016 was a spectacle where brands could show their culture on a pedestal, identifying through music, the booth and the events that took place so that the whole beauty industry can get a glimpse. 

Get an up close and personal look at what happens backstage at a Kadus photo shoot – their open house forum offered a front row seat to hair prep, make-up application, wardrobe selection and the final shoot, at Premiere Orlando 2016!

It is all about the photo shoot and making everyone eye-level to workflow that happens before the hair show hits the stage, creating the Kadus Professional environment of being “backstage on stage”. This year Kadus presented their latest trend directions which include ELECTRA MAGIC and BRIGHT SIMPLICITY, both with Michael Poole as a photographer.

Each trend has five looks/color techniques that rotated through Sunday, June 5 and, June 6, showing color prep/application technique, style prep, MUA and wardrobe selection, ending with a final photo shoot for each look. Kadus Professional Top Artists Caroline Kim and Justin Frost shared with us their color and style techniques: watch the videos to learn about their journey with Kadus and what they love so much about the brand!

In the ELECTRA MAGIC looks, every turn of the head reveals a new tone, as if refracted through a giant crystal. Whether its dancing copper locks or deep sapphire strands, such accents can highlight the graphic texture of the cut and create bright reflections in the eyes.

BRIGHT SIMPLICITY is more about taking on the world with a fresh face. Revolutionizing your daily reality with dynamic color and a modern interpretation of classical forms. Kadus took Bronde as the perfect look for this season. Bronde is the combination of brown and blonde shades to achieve a natural sun-kissed effect. Gradients of light and dark tones appear like natural rays of sunshine throughout the hair.

Kadus Professional Top Artists at Premiere Orlando 2016
    – Caroline Kim
    – Justin Frost

Kadus Professional Design Team at Premiere Orlando 2016
    – Kenny Collins
    – Shelby George
    – Anthony Chiocchi
    – Veronica Arzio
    – Luis Rodriguez


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