3 October 2022

How-To: Replicate Instagram’s most liked Frosted Steel by @CutxColor

Brit Taddei is a creative hair artist and educator based in Norfolk, VA who brands herself as Electric Fringe Hair on Facebook. This digital maven has incredible skills when it comes to vivid color and has caught Estetica USA’s eye as one of the most liked photos on our reposted images on Instagram.

We asked her about our favorite, “Frosted Steel” and she was generous enough to help us share the incredible formula for this elegant metallic tone.

The inspiration behind what the client wanted was a “smokey, metallic-grey with a deep shadow root and zero warmth. I liked to call this color Frosted Steel.” This was about a 3 session process involving heavy balayage each session to go progressively lighter without compromising her hair’s integrity. She had previously colored hair, and originally was a warm, butterscotch blonde. “I used Aveda Enlightener with Booster and 30/40 volume with Olaplex to obtain a mixture of levels 9/10 throughout the midshaft and ends. Leaving her natural level 7 regrowth untouched until we were ready for the final application of the silver and shadow root tones.”

– Shadow Root: 20g Shade2 with 40mls 5vol
– Midshaft and Ends Formula 1: 40g ELC, 4g Pastel Violet, 4gPastel Blue, 4g LB/Gr and 52mls 10vol
– Midshaft and Wnds Formula 2: 40g 10N, 2g 1N (used as a pure tone), 2g Pastel Violet with 40mls 10vol

– Step 1: Heavily Balayage with Aveda Enlightener, Booster and 30 or 40 volume with Olaplex to achieve a level 9 or 10.
– Step 2: After the desired level of lightness has been achieved; apply the Shadow Root Formula to dry hair that has been prepped with Equalizing Solution.
– Step 3: Feather the Shadow root color down desired length of hair using fingers or a fine toothed comb to saturate and blur any lines.
– Step 4: In a bricklay triangular pattern, begin alternating Midshaft formulas 1 & 2 blurring and blending with fingers into the Shadow Root Color.
– Step 5: I let her process for a total of 35 minutes for maximum saturation of tone.
– Step 6: rinse with very cool water. Gloss with 0N and Liquid for extra Shine and longevity. Shampoo with Aveda Color Conserve and Condition with Aveda Color PHinisher.

Styled with Aveda Smooth Infusion Line.

Check out the pictures for the outcome, and be sure to follow Brit on her Instagram: @CutxColor


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