5 December 2021

Team up with Charlie Price for 7 Secrets Becoming a Hair Industry Star @ Premiere Orlando

Becoming a star in this industry is not something that is as simple as it sounds. Charlie Price knows about stardom and is ready to share with Premiere Orlando exactly what intakes and how to use social media to get there.  Join his course next Monday 6th on “How To Become A Hair Industry Star”!

Who: Charlie Price
What: How to Become a Hair Industry Star
Where: Premiere Orlando 2016, Room W414A
When: Monday June 6th, 12:45 – 2:00p
Why: Who doesn’t want to be a STAR?

With your Premiere Orlando pass, you can experience the course for free! Charlie will touch upon the 7 to help you reach his level of success. “I’ll tell you HONESTLY what HAS and more importantly what HAS NOT served me well on my own Social Media Odyssey,” says Price. “This program will be full of JUICY ideas, tips and advice. Participants will have fun and leave with a blueprint for success. You know if nothing else I will KEEP IT REAL! I invite you to join me, this is the conversation we all ACTUALLY want to have!

USING SOCIAL MEDIA is one of SEVEN SUBJECTS you will examine in his class next monday at Premiere Orlando on Monday in Room W414A. Charlie will share what has worked for him and what hasn’t – all in his witty, irreverent, entertaining way. He will answer questions like: How do I stand out on social media? How do I become a platform artist? How do I become an Editorial and Fashion Week Stylist?

It is a magical tool to communicate with clients –other hairdressers and all kinds of media– but it is also can be as much of a course as it is a gift –one needs to wield it with a deft hand– and be able to carve out an identity that stands out in a favorable way.

The course will teach you to formulate what works best for your own individual brand. “How do we navigate choppy Instagram and Facebook waters teeming with sycophants, avatars, braggarts, keyboard warriors, wannabe self help gurus, the truly tacky, the transparently phony and the hopelessly typical,” says Charlie.

Charlie Price and his performances as a popular platform artist and educator are filled with smart soundbites, useful information and quick easy techniques for the salon, all delivered in his fun irreverent style.

Charlie has had his photo work published worldwide and has collaborated with baircare manufacturers such as Aveda, Revlon Professional, TIGI, Roux, Rusk and Scruples Haircare. Price is also known for having won many industry awards. He is a two time NAHA North American Hairstylist of the Year award winner in 2002 and 2008 (the first American to do so), the first ever NAHA People’s Choice award winner in 2011 (he has a career total of 23 NAHA nominations) and he was named Canadian Mirror Awards International Hairstylist of the Year in 2007 (a title which he has been nominated for 6 times). 


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