24 July 2024

Get inspired! Wolk Morais and Awapuhi Wild Ginger Hit the Runway

Once again, 3 seasons in a row, on their third season, Paul Mitchell x Awapuhi Wild Ginger reunited with the NYC duo taking LA by storm: Wolk Morais. The show was located at celebrity hideout, dark and sultry, Giorgio’s at The Standard on Sunset.

This time around, as per usual, they are making a serious splash in the fashion world, bringing a chic-aesthetic to LA we all yearn to see more of. Post-disco inspired and not afraid to go big, the Awapuhi Wild Ginger and Neuro Styling Team, led by JPMS editorial director Lucie Doughty, took this runway hair to new heights. With new techniques and bold artistry, not one person could take their eyes off of this glamourous hair.

In the words of Sam Reed from the Hollywood Reporter, “A tamer version of the voluminous ‘dos from the Saved By the Bell era was created by Paul Mitchell stylist Lucie Doughty, who added a kink to models’ hair about three inches below the root so as not to create too much height. To create the look, Doughty wrapped small strands around a hair pin in a figure eight pattern and then added heat with a flat iron. After spritzing with hair spray, the locks were secured with a barrette. Once strands cooled, the clips were removed and the hair was brushed to give a purposely messy look. Overall, the effect made for a look that was glamorous without trying too hard — in other words, that aspirational balance that every L.A. girl strives for.”

As a result of the partnership with the Wolk Morais fashion show, sponsoring yet another luxe season, Paul Mitchell and editorial director Lucie Doughty were featured on HollywoodReporter.com, FashionWeekDaily.com and Racked.com, highlighting that Paul Mitchell stylists and Lucie Doughty used a crimping technique to create the glamourous look for the show!


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