24 July 2024

Industry Legend Lluís Llongueras celebrates his 80th Birthday

May 24 was not just any date: it was the 80th birthday of none other than Lluís Llongueras, the Spanish hairdresser that influences the hairdressing world at an international level, an iconic hairstylist, and is one of the most looked after personalities of the industry.

Last night, Estetica Magazine lived a memorable night in Llongueras’ Instituto Internacional de Barcelona, where the magazine got a firsthand look into the anniversary of the great Lluís Llongueras, with the master surrounded by 350 friends and family, collaborators, franchisers, colleagues and industry friends. The brilliant musical note was lead by the renowned tenor Giorgio Elmo, who managed to make the guest of honor quite emotional after his interpretation of the aria ‘Nessun Dorma’ of Puccini’s ‘Turandot’ opera and the classic ‘My Way’. At the end of the event, all of the attendants took home a copy of the commemorative book ‘80 años, 80 aforismos‘, written by the very own Lluís Llongueras.

As an honor to the anniversary, Llongueras inaugurated his new sculpture exhibition, “L’essència del cos”, a collection of precious sculptures of busts crafted in a delicate bronze. The celebration was truly emotional with the dozens of professionals overflowing from the Llongueras salons, dedicateding their love and admiration that they feel for their leader through songs and significant gifts. When asked what kind of a leader he is, Llongueras would tell us: “I see myself as an understanding boss and at the same time as a leader with some very high expectations. By that I mean, I help and teach in any way that I can, but only with the maximum expectations. This is the secret of a good master.”

Tireless as ever, the word ‘retirement’ doesn’t exist and will never enter the universe of Lluís Llongueras. After having become the best in the world of hairdressing, and guiding his prestigious brand, Lluís continues to experiment that which will always be his most inspired state of being; he writes, paints, holds photographic sessions, and of course, continues to sculpt, his greatest passion besides hairdressing.

What have been your best years? We asked him in a recent interview. He answered: “All of them! I’ve lived my life to the max and at the same time, to live and exist in the current moment just as much… Age is nothing! In my youth I had masters who gave me great advice, helped in forming me with an open mind, keeping me aware so that I can see things with perspective. I remember a sentence by Dr. Guitart that has stayed with me all of these years: “Make it so that your brain controls your body, not the other way around.

A genius for history, Spanish hairdressing would be nothing without the influence of Lluís Llongueras. The man set the stage of Spain in the global map of hairdressing, he gave everything to the industry, lead a whole generation of hairdressers and singed off the golden age of hairdressing.


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