21 July 2024

Breathe Easy! How To do a Revolutionized Keratin with the Fume Iron

Keratin treatments are not going anywhere, but their fumes are. Technology came upon hairdressers and clients like a wave about 10 years ago, when this magical treatment could relax and brighten your hair unlike anything else in the market.

The result was a spike in the Keratin trend and ultimately the inclusion of this service in all kinds of salons. The result? Clients have an expectation that you should have Keratin, but now you need to worry about the best way to manage these treatments with the best technology available.

Hairstylists understand the problems with the expensive ventilation systems that salon owners are demanded to get installed, and now there is a solution that absorbs the fumes from this treatment. The Fume Iron is a flat iron system that vacumes keratin treatment fumes and is so groundbreaking, it is currently patented technology that has revolutionized the keratin treatment experience for both salon staff and clients.

Fume free keratin treatments gives my clients the confidence to go for the extra service which means better hair for my clients and increased revenue for my business,” says Christos Andrianis, an independent stylist and user of Fume Iron in The Salon at NYC.

Many salons have invested in expensive air filtration systems that in reality ‘don’t solve the problem’ because the fumes go airborne before reaching the system, and ultimately defeating the purpose of the expense. The professional keratin treatment brands that many salons offer are currently in need of a safer way to perform the service and the Fume Iron fills that void.

Whatever treatment formula is being used, the Fume Iron is put to work. Nowadays, clean air is a luxury, and we’re all about luxury,” said another user, Mitch Slabach, owner  of the Chris Chase Salon in NYC.

3 Key elements for salon success and how they relate to the FUME IRON:

* Allows the salon to perform more Keratin Treatments on a daily basis.
* Generates new business through word of mouth.

* Low operation cost, $60.00 filter replacement for every 30-40 Keratin Treatments
* New door opportunities for salons that were hesitant due to toxic fumes and health hazards to staff members.

* Provides a safer environment and better air quality free of harmful and sometimes toxic fumes.
* Attracts new clients that were hesitant about Keratin Treatments.
* In-salon marketing material, and social media, promoting features and benefits of the Fume Iron.

* Instills stylist confidence by allowing them to perform a safer service.
* Encourages stylist to offer Keratin Treatments.
* In-Salon Training/Education.


For more information, take a look at fumeiron.com


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